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What is the standard size of a trestle table?

Trestle tables (also sometimes known as folding tables ) are used for a multitude of purposes from events and exhibitions to everyday use in a community hall or school. Due to their fold-ability and ease of use, they are incredibly versatile and practical. One you start to spot them you’ll realise they are everywhere!

However, there does seem to be some confusion over the standard size of these trestle tables which can cause some frustration. The main reason for this confusion is because historically the trestle tables measurements were based on the imperial measurement system of feet and inches.  For example the most popular 1.8 metre table is what the Americans would call 6 feet.

Reference guide to trestle table sizes

Trestle tables come in two standard sizes

  • 1.8 metres wide
  • 2.4 metres wide

These can vary slightly between manufacturers, but very typical sizes for the tables are either around 1830mm wide x 760mm deep x 740mm high, or 2400mm wide x 760mm deep x 740mm high.  The most popular standard size is the 1.8m wide version.

Looking for a table cloth for your trestle table?

If you are looking to cover your trestle table you need to ensure you get the right sized table cover to fit the table. If you’re hiring or borrowing a table for a venue, make sure you check beforehand so there are no surprises. At Displays 2 Go we produce tablecloths in two standard sizes, making it easy to work out. We can also print table covers with your brand or key marketing message for any shows, sales or events you may have coming up. Take a look on our website for Printed Table Cover options.

Food sampling and tasting – what factors make the difference?

When it comes to your sampling activity, what are the things you need to get right?  It’s a question you need to ask yourself when you are deciding on the details of your sampling campaign, and there are a few factors to take into consideration. Here some tips for your next campaign…


It’s important to know what drives purchase decision making with your brand, and how your customers typically buy your product on their normal supermarket shop. If you are clear on this it becomes more obvious as to where to position your sampling station.

For instance do you need to educate people about the taste or health benefits of your product in order to generate trial? If so, then it maybe better to stand outside the store, where you have access to all the supermarket’s shoppers for the day – outside provides a wider opportunity than the aisle.  If you were in-store you would only have exposure to customers in the aisle in which you were positioned, and if a customer does not walk down that aisle then you may have lost that potential sale.

Some products could be positioned in more than one aisle – heading to the front of the store or outside means you’re not pigeon-holing your brand.

Positioning and Hardware

The position that you request from the store manager may not always be the position you get. So remember to be as specific as possible, including the amount of space you require for your stand. Your need for power will also determine your floor allocation. If you can be self sufficient and not need power your options are improved. Most sampling agencies will have a good relationship with the store manager and should be able to get a premium space for you.

Cadbury Demonstration Table - Displays 2 Go

In-store demonstration table at the end of an aisle.

Not all stores allow mobile sampling, but it’s well worth considering for a new product, as you can then roam the store and actively target your ideal purchaser rather than more passively hoping they turn down your aisle! Remember, if you are mobile sampling it’s important that you have the right sampling trays to be able to showcase your product effectively and efficiently. They must satisfy store OHS requirements as well as being easy for the sampling staff to use, and of course must look fabulous!

Conversion to purchase

The conversion-to-purchase metric is what it’s all about, sometimes!  Many companies run sampling campaigns to sell more products. But if it’s a new product then perhaps trial is the key and actual purchase less necessary in the early days.

Let’s look at a potential sales scenario for a moment:

For example if we had a 100 samples in-store and we achieve 20 product sales this means our conversion to purchase would be 20%.

Simple right? Well yes and no. This is our conversion-to-purchase, but you need to be clear that if you are based in-store you will only have access to customers that are shopping in that aisle, therefore your total sample volume will be a lot smaller than being positioned at the store entrance. When you are not near the point-of-purchase your conversion rate will be reduced.

Some figures from a recent supermarket campaign investigated both positions on different days, and the results were interesting. The outdoor sampling at the store entrance gave away 1200 samples with a conversion of 4%, achieving sales of 50, in the aisle they achieved 620 samples and a 7% conversion rate, or 43 sales. As you can see from the figures the brand achieved more new customers from being positioned at the store entrance than in the aisle on this occasion.


We are lucky that technology allow us to really follow up on marketing campaigns, and the data we can collect from the supermarkets is fantastic. It not only enables us to collect sales data prior to sampling day but also data from two weeks after. Giving us trend data on consumer behaviour, and hopefully an increase in sales as a result of the sampling campaign. Feedback from the staff conducting the sessions can also help you understand any nuance in product trial numbers for each sampling session.

product measurement

Understand how effective your campaign has been with data.


We all know that staff can make or break a campaign, so make sure your talent understand the objectives of the campaign and are knowledgeable on the product.  Ensure they are aware of where they are sampling, and if they are mobile make sure they have product nearby to re-stock.

Damage can easily be done to brands via poor quality staff, so invest some time in mystery shopping them from time-to-time to make sure they are doing a good job. Agree terms with your sampling agency before the campaign starts. For instance, the number of no-shows acceptable throughout a campaign. Agree the proportion of ‘poor’ mystery shops before remedial action is taken – don’t leave it to chance, make sure your sampling agency has ‘skin in the game’ too.

Exhibition staff

Ensure your staff are engaging like this Shell Rep.

Investing in sampling does not need to be costly, but it is important to understand your shopper and to know where the best position is for your brand. Make sure the hardware is fit for purpose, looks good and portrays the right image. And spend the time briefing your staff – because they will make the first impression!

If you require any advice or need a demonstration table or sampling tray for your next campaign then check out our website at


Cooking carts in food markets

There is pretty much nothing Australia cannot grow or produce. Less than 10% of our retail food is imported, and two thirds of our land is given over to farming. So it’s no wonder that visiting the spectacular city food markets on the weekend has become a social event for many families and foodies.


It’s not just about the fresh produce and variety of foods – it’s also about the atmosphere, the smells, and of course the free samples.

Many stall holders will have a tasting plate on the front of their stall enticing you to try their food and produce. But for some stall-holders their product is best experienced hot or used as an ingredient within a dish. This becomes more of a challenge to offer produce to consumers if you have no cooking facilities.

At Displays 2 Go we have just designed a cooking cart for Dandenong markets in Melbourne. They wanted to introduce a fully portable kitchen that can be used on market day by different vendors.  The design we came up with is compact unit that can be wheeled out into the retail space and quickly assembled with minimal disruption. The cart has been fitted out with a gas cook top, a sink and a hygiene-grade prep space and chopping board. There is also fresh water and a grey water outlet which is completely contained within the unit. It even has an angled mirror making it easy for the audience to see what is being cooked, and it comes with a mic and speaker system for maximum impact.

Coking Cart

The cart offers vendors the ability to cook and demonstrate how to use their products. It not only helps consumers learn more about the products themselves, but it also enables vendors to engage with their customers. The ability to be able to watch someone cook and then try it fresh out of the pan is a great way to sample products. It also creates a rather surprising ‘obligation’ by some customers to make a post-sample purchase.

Sampling is still considered one of the best ways to promote sales. The introduction of the food cart into the Dandenong markets should see a positive take up and the vendors can enjoy their lift as much as the market itself.

To find out more about this cooking cart give us a call on 1300 240 250

Promotional Pricing

One of the major factors in any purchasing decision is price. We all know that everyone likes to think that they got a bargain. So, in any promotion, pricing is an important part. Firstly, you need to decide what the perceived value of the item is and then what consumers will be willing to pay for it. Once you have this figure in your mind it is easier to create a promotion. Price promotions come in all shapes and sizes these days as we have to take into consideration the online shopper as well as the ‘physical’ shopper.

Promotional pricing

For instance, to encourage consumers to buy a product, you may offer:

  • Instant money off
  • Future coupons / online vouchers
  • Free product trial
  • Free shipping and delivery
  • Competitions

However, depending on the consumer group you are targeting it is often better to bundle offers to get people to purchase now and afterwards. To this end, bundling is becoming increasingly popular.  It is gaining traction as a very useful marketing tool as it enables you to target selected audiences by giving them the offerings that they will be most receptive to. This reduces the amount of time and money spent on implementing promotional programs down the line.

For example if we were promoting a new yogurt we would probably want to run a campaign that encouraged consumers to participate in a free trial.

Physical Consumer – Taste and Purchase

Displays 2 Go Demonstration Table

This could be done by having an in-store sampling team handing out free samples, perhaps accomplished by either setting up a portable demonstration table or employing one of the mobile sampling units such as a vendor tray or the click stand. The promotional talent would then be able to talk to the consumer and after the trial, offer them an instant reward of a money-off voucher to use in-store.


Online Consumer – Sign up and Taste

Sampling Promotions

Offer consumers the chance to get a free sample of the product either delivered to their door or with an online voucher that can be used when they shop online or can be scanned at the checkout. They can only receive this by going onto the website and registering online. This way you get the consumer’s details and are able to market to them again in the future.

Both methods work well but the key difference is who your target audience is and what they perceive the value of the product to be. Many members of generation Y would not flinch at giving out their email address whilst other generations would prefer the ‘here and now’ approach of tasting and receiving an instant reward.

Displays 2 Go have a wealth of experience when it comes to sampling-campaigns so next time you have a new product to get out into the marketplace give the team a call and let’s see how we can help make a difference.

Seeing is believing

Sometimes looks can be deceiving, and it’s only when you are actually up close and personal  that you realise the thing you think you are looking at is in fact something completely different. This is something we are all too familiar with at Displays 2 Go because in our industry we are often asked to create a structure that looks like one thing but has the attributes of something else. It’s quite an art form, and requires a specialised set of design skills, more akin to the theatre designer making props for a specific show. To an extent we’re creating an illusion.

A Natural Choice

Take for instance one demonstration table concept we created for a client. Their brief was to design a table that fitted in with their brand that looked natural and classic but most importantly was easy to assemble and could be moved around from place-to-place easily. The obvious choice was wood – a nice natural product that fitted with their vibe. However this would never work, as wood is heavy and cumbersome to transport, so we came up with another solution. If we wanted the wood look we could design and manufacture this using a printed effect. The finished product looked great, using a combination of two types of print to give some authenticity and character.

Displays 2 Go - 8 Bar plinth The Metro Barn

Another example of this is when we were asked to create a display solution that Mainland Cheese could take on the road. The roadshow had to align with their marketing campaign which centred on the the concept of “Taste the goodness of Time.” We were required to use modern materials, but retain an authentic rural and historical feel. We created this pop up gazebo, with full fabric graphics to give the look of an old, stone, cheese shed. We added accessories such as an old barrel and a fly fishing rod to give authenticity. A huge success. Displays 2 Go - Gazebo The Beehive

This example just shows how realistic our printing can be. These plinths were designed to look like beehives to bring to life the beauty products that were being showcased, indicating that real manuka honey goes into their products.

Displays 2 Go Plinths These examples show how the print and display industry has moved with the times, and the products that we print on today and the quality of the print are so much more advanced than before. Take for example our fabric products – these are not only simple to store, easy to assemble and look great – they also use a dye sublimated print solution. This method produces graphics that are vivid and stunning and can be washed over and over again. The fabric graphic is constructed as a sleeve and slips over a frame and is zipped tight to get the perfect fit. This method of display can be used for walls and backdrops, pedestals and demonstration tables.

SuperWall, Super Easy

The SuperWalls below are fabric and make the perfect corner booth for any display. They take roughly 10 minutes to assemble, making an instant impact. IMG_9807

We’re on fire

Take a look at this display – again fabric but the use of lights creates the effect of a fire. Displays 2 Go - Fabric Displays

Naughty but nice

Another fabric display we created was for the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey where we were asked to produce a 10 metre wide wall, and printed on this wall was the man himself, Mr Grey. Looking at the finished display you really had to look twice to see if it was a real person standing there or not.

Displays 2 Go - SuperWall There are many more examples we can show, but the main point we are trying to make here is that anything is possible and sometimes the only thing that stops us creating what we want is our own imagination. So the next time you have a project or need some inspiration then come and have a chat to our team and let’s see what magic we can create together.

The power of visual impact

It’s clear that visual impact is still one of the most powerful ways to attract attention. Regardless of whether it’s a moving image on a device or whether it’s a graphic on a stand, we are all attracted to things that look good.

Looking good - Displays 2 go

And it’s no different when we come to market our company, ourselves or our products.  We all want our efforts to attract customers to consider our product and make a purchase. So, what is the best way to do this in today’s age where technology rules?  Is there still a place for display solutions such as banner stands and display walls?

The answer? Of course there is, otherwise we would need a lot fewer staff around here!  As with all things there are many ways to reach your target audience and, yes, social media is one of them, but there are still heaps of brands out there that need to provide an experience rather than just a static display.  Making an experience memorable can be greatly enhanced with the right display solutions.

Displays 2 Go - Mall display

Imagine this… you walk into your local grocery store and see a girl standing next to the chocolate aisle with what looks like a picnic table in front of her, and some samples. You are not even sure if she should be there and maybe the only reason you take notice is because she looks so out of place. You walk past, avoiding eye contact as you are not sure whether you will ‘qualify’ for a sample or not.

Now imagine this… you walk into the grocery store and see a girl resplendent in a branded uniform with a big display wall behind her and a branded demonstration table to her side containing chocolate samples. There is a crowd around her and she is talking to the customers about the new product. You walk past and wait to sample the chocolate as you want to know what all the fuss is about. You’re compelled to stop for fear of missing out!

Cadbury Demonstration Table - Displays 2 Go Cadbury Demo Table - Displays 2 go

There you have it… the impact of a branded display has not only attracted your attention but it has confirmed that this is a free sampling exercise by a branded company and you actually took time out to try it. The display has worked it’s magic by efficiently and effectively drawing you in and then supplying you with an experience that your eyes and taste buds appreciated and will remember!   

The above scenario illustrates how and why having the right equipment and graphics not only helps to promote your product/company but gives you the facility to get certain messages across in a way that enhances your professional image.

So next time you need to make an impact, think about what people routinely see as they go about their business and how to grab their attention in ways that are anything but routine. Check out our huge array of display solutions at


Hot Facts – Demo Tables

Displays 2 Go - Demo tables

Demonstration tables, portable counters, promotion stands; they all refer to the same product. Whatever terminology you use, Displays 2 Go will certainly have one that’s right for your next activation. We have the widest ranges of demo tables in Australia, and our staff can guide you through the jargon to deliver you the perfect solution.

Fact 1

Our extensive range comprises 12 different types of demonstration tables, varying in size and style to fit the smallest of spaces or to stand out in the busiest of malls. We also design and make custom built stands!

Fact 2

The most popular table we sell is the Retail Demonstrator. This table is used extensively across Australia as it is pre-approved for use within Woolworths, and is Coles’ go-to demo table across their stores.  If you spend any time in a supermarket, chances are you have seen a Retail Demonstrator in use.

Fact 3

The Superlight 800 sales table weighs in at only 5kg – that’s only twice as heavy as the average woman’s handbag – making it very portable and easy to carry from car to venue.

Fact 4

The average time to assemble a Displays 2 Go Demonstration Table is less than 3 minutes, with no tools required.

Fact 5

The tables and counter tops can be custom designed to suit your needs – whether you need a food grade melamine top or a top with a formed lip to stop any spills, we can advise you on the best option.

Displays 2 Go Demonstration Table

Fact 6

The Presenter series tables are all designed to fold flat, making them easy to carry and to store!

Fact 7

The graphics on the tables are vibrant and bright, showcasing your brand and attracting customers to your stand. Using a branded header above your table is more likely to attract attention than one without.

Displays 2 Go - Demonstration Table

Fact 8

A curved presenter table adds the ‘welcome factor’ to the sales environment. Clients feel more comfortable approaching a curved surface, and feel more comfortable standing next to each other as well, so the curved top is ideal for crowded environments.

Fact 9Displays 2 Go - Dem Table multiple

If you need a larger display or work area you can always join our tables together, giving you a very economical and impactful counter space.


Fact 10

The flexibility inherent in our tables makes them suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, including product sampling, product display or as information and sales counters at exhibitions and trade shows.

Displays 2 go - Demo tables


If you would like to see one of these stands or want to know more, please give us a call on 1300 240 250 and our friendly sales team will be able to assist.

How do you define good food?

The Good Food and Wine show is fast approaching the Good food and wine showshores of Australia, with shows across the country starting in Melbourne next month. It’s always a well attended show with lots of brands showcasing their products. There are streams of consumers all wanting to learn about the next best thing, and of course try all the free samples.

But how do you define good food? The food show has released an article entitled “Inglorious Vege,” dealing specifically with the topic of visual imperfections in our fruit and vegetables.  It’s been a hot topic among grocery retailers since late last year. But what are your thoughts on the topic of “The Odd Bunch?”

If you have not heard about this, it is a campaign we first saw in Harris Farm Markets in the middle of last year. The concept is to take take all the ‘ugly’ fruit and veg, the odd shaped carrot, the knobbly apple and the oval tomato and sell it at discounted prices in a separate space in store. Harris calls it their “Imperfect Picks” and Woolworths “The Odd Bunch”. We think it’s a fantastic initiative seeing as over 25%-40% of fresh produce in Australia is rejected by retailers for not looking ‘perfect’!Displays 2 Go - Woolworths Odd Bunch Blog

If you were asked at the show to taste two raw carrots – one that looked perfect and one that came from “The Odd Bunch” – which one would you select?  If your answer is the perfect looking one then you are probably in the majority. The fact is, they both taste the same and have the same nutritional value, but you’ll probably get more bang for your buck with the ‘Odd Bunch” because they are cheaper! So next time you come to choose your veg at the grocery store, have a look out for the “imperfection section” and do your bit to reduce food wastage.

The hype about food choices is at all-time highs right now.  Whether it’s wobbly carrots, gluten free options or paleo diets, getting in front of the consumer is key. Being present and informing consumers about what ingredients you use in your range has never been more important. Make sure you have everything you need to draw in the customers at the Food Show this year and ensure your stand looks its best.Displays 2 Go _ Paleo

At Displays 2 Go we have a range of products to help you. Choose from a high impact SuperWall or a demonstration table to show off your products. You could even have a custom designed sampling tray made up, so when your stand gets too crowded you can have a mobile unit circling the crowds. Give us a call and we can help you get the most out of the show.


New Product Launch

Displays 2 Go - New product launch blogThere are many ways to launch a new product into the marketplace and businesses do it every day, but only a small proportion are successful. What steps can you take to increase your chances of success and make a greater impact in the marketplace?


Review your product before launch

There are 3 key areas you need to review before you launch the product to market.

1. Evaluate the readiness of your company to support rapid growth. Do you have the staff, production and customer service structures and protocols in place?

2. Reviewing the product itself at this stage is imperative. We all know that there is a natural tendency to over-hype the product initially, so make sure your rosy view of the product is backed up by thorough testing and consistent results.

3. Evaluating the marketplace will have been an ongoing exercise and market research provides vital information that will help you launch your product. Humans tend to suffer from something called confirmation bias; that is we often seek out data and sources that confirm our views and ignore or place less value on those that don’tObviously it is crucial that you are honest with yourself, and that the research truly does indicate that there is a market for your product.

If you are not sure about any of the above probably delay the launch. You only have one chance to make a buzz in the marketplace and you can’t afford to waste it.

Displays 2 Go - NPD Blog


Plan your launch 

To launch a product successfully you need to know your marketplace and have a plan. To help deliver this you will need to review a few things.

Competition – this is a vital part of your success. It can help you identify and shape your product and give you vital information about how and where your product will sit in the market.

Target Market – outlining the specific demographics and behaviours of your target market will help with the planning of your launch strategy. Not only will  it provide a picture of what your “typical” customer looks like it will help you target those who are most likely to purchase.

Marketing Strategy – a well planned approach with a variety of marketing channels will give you the best coverage possible. Make sure you use all the data you have collected above and then use a multi-faceted approach to reach your customer.


Displays 2 Go - NPD BlogExecute the Launch Event

Once you have a plan in place and the launch date is circled on the calendar it’s time to start thinking about what ‘pre-launch’ activities need to be fed to the marketplace to get the best reception for your new product.

Promote Early – It’s important to get the name of your product out into the marketplace early so customers can recognise the name on launch day and potentially purchase it. Let well known editors, bloggers, experts review your product to whet appetites and generate some excitement.

Be creative – If you want to launch your product in the marketplace with a bang you need to think outside the box and be creative. Ensure that you are creative in the way you express information.  Whether it’s through social media, infomercial or video, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Be Social – Social media has changed the way we think about marketing and it has amazing power if used well. Ensure you generate conversations around the product by using compelling content and imagery.

Displays 2 Go - NPD BlogInvite to the Post Launch Events

People get invited to go to the launch of a new film but not everybody gets invited to the after party. The after party is where you have to ‘work it’ to stay on top and be front of mind and it’s no different with a product launch. Post launch events are what makes the product a success so be sure there is easy access to the product and the information on it, whether it’s free trials, videos or product demos.

Free trials and giveaways are a great way to get your product out into the marketplace. People love a freebie to take away with them and if it’s of a generous size or value your product will maintain its impact longer.

Product demos and sampling can deliver instant results, especially if the product is food and you are sampling it within a supermarket. Research indicates that 1 in 4 people who try a product will go on to purchase it. With this in mind make sure that the hardware you are using to showcase your product is well designed and branded. Does your product need to be mobile to gain the attention of your customers by using a sampling tray, what cooking/preparation facilities do you require to showcase your product, do you need a large demonstration table or small? It’s essential that you have the right equipment for the job as you only get one chance to make an impression.

Displays 2 Go - NPD Blog


Review what worked and what didn’t

With all launches it is imperative that you review your strategy and see what media tools worked for you. Look at what gave you the best ROI and what gained you the most engagement with your customers. Once you have all these facts and figures then work on building the brand and customer base with regular promotions and research.

Displays 2 Go - NPD BlogHELP

Displays 2 Go is Australia’s leading manufacturer of in-store demonstration and sampling equipment. We understand DISPLAY and we’re enthusiastic about creating impactful and effective materials that promote your products at launch events and in the marketplace.

With an outstanding range of products, a clear understanding of the marketplace and custom built designs that provide the perfect solutions to meet your needs, isn’t it time you gave us a call?

Call us now 1300 240 250




The low down on demonstration tables

Portable sales tables, demonstration tables, sampling tables – so many names but are they all the same? Displays 2 Go - Round Sampling Table

Displays 2 Go are a major supplier of display tables to FMCG and supermarket sampling companies in Australia and we certainly know a thing or two about tables, so grab a coffee and read on…

There are many tables to choose from so it’s important that you know what is required from your experiential campaign and which table will give you the most impact.  The main reason you need a sampling table is to demonstrate your product and increase sales, so you can call the table what you like, as long as it delivers you some results.

We can offer a simple off-the-shelf table which includes a plastic top and branded wrap, looks great and works a treat. However, we can create even more impact with poles and a header card.  It’s a simple solution but it works, because suddenly your sampling station can be seen right across the supermarket.  These are easy and quick to set up in-store and they’re built tough for repeated use.

Crunchy Nut gets noticed in the Supermarket

Want to jazz it up a bit? Easy, we’ve got various shapes and sizes to create a bit more interest.  We can also put your branding on washable fabric, which creates stunning images and makes the whole package even more lightweight, even simpler to set up, and even easier to keep looking tip-top.

Need to cook on the stand?  No problem, we’ll keep you safe with heat reflective materials, reinforced shelves, and built in chopping boards where required.  We can add a cable entry point on the table which hides those unsightly cables and keeps them neat and tidy within your stand.

If that’s still not cutting it, then what about a totally moveable solution?  There is nothing worse than spending money on table and then being stuck in a corner of the supermarket not being noticed!  Displays 2 Go has listened to clients over the years and have developed a demonstration and sampling stand on wheels –  called the Click-Stand.

Display 2 Go Click-Stand Images

This clever design has a range of click-on/click off components to enable you to showcase different companion pieces according to the product your displaying. So, if you are sampling a product, simply add a vendor tray to your stand,.  If you need to collect data then click-on the iPad.  If you are running a competition then click-on an entry box. It’s simple and easy to swap pieces, giving you the flexibility to create a display that’s customised to your exact requirements.

Displays 2 Go - custom demonstration table

We also offer bespoke solutions; just give us the problem and we will design a solution. Like when Woolworths came to us and asked us to develop some tables for a promotion with Jamie Oliver. The solution was to create enough surface space to accommodate the crowds but with a down-to-earth feel that replicated the advertising campaign.


Displays 2 Go - iPad/tablet interactive branded display Unit

But sometimes a table alone isn’t enough. That’s why we’ve got a range of vendor trays, leaflet holders, product display shelving and iPad/tablet holders to help create greater interaction.

Displays 2 Go has years of experience working with many of Australian experiential agencies. We understand why solutions must be easy to transport, why the gear needs to be built tough and why it must be simple to assemble. It’s why so many people work with us; and because we ALWAYS get the job done on time and on budget!

Take a look at some of the demo tables we’ve created over the years, right here at our online showroom. It’s a great source for ideas, and if you see something you like, give us a call on 1300 240 250.