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Olympic Software (Trans-Tasman)

Client Brief

The Displays 2 Go team were briefed by our colleagues in New Zealand regarding a Sydney-based show for their long-term client, Olympic Software. While the New Zealand design team had worked closely with the client on developing the concept into working drawings, it made sense for the construction and logistics to be completed by the Displays 2 Go team.

With the close working relationship between the two companies, including shared design resources and clients, there was a seamless transition from approval of the designs in NZ to the start of manufacture in our Sydney workshop. Using the working drawings developed by the team in NZ, our production team were able to engage our various in-house experts and supply network to construct the stand.

Design and Planning

While there were extensive concept drawings completed at the design stage, the Displays 2 Go team was required to develop these concepts into buildable, workable drawings and plans. It's not unusual for a great concept to be developed, only for the practicalities of the design to make it impossible to manufacture for various reasons - this could be due to complexity, excessive weights, high costs, etc.

A key factor that sets the Displays 2 Go team apart is our ability to turn complex concepts and drawings into workable plans. This involves many years of manufacturing and problem solving experience, which allows us to deliver excellent results for our clients

This job was no exception, in particular the acrylic and lighting elements. This required a combination of our in-house electrical experience to wire the 24V lighting correctly.

This lighting needed to precisely fit within the 3-dimensional acrylic shapes that were mounted to the stand walls. To achieve this some customised aluminium framing was installed as part of the wall structure. Combining this with our latex print and silicone-edged fabric graphics allowed us to leverage the effect of the lighting to create a vibrant set of elements that really stood out within the exhibition environment!

Production and Logistics

Within the scope of the job was a tight installation window at the ICC in Sydney's Darling Harbour. Our team had just four hours to complete the installation before handover to the client.

As a result of this tight timing requirement we ensured that a full pre-build was completed in our workshop, including the testing and tagging of the electrical elements, prior to transporting it to site. This allowed our team to have an intimate knowledge of the tricky components prior to facing any issues on site. This is a process we love to follow, and always identifies issues that we can rectify prior to being in the high-stakes site environment!

Using our own vehicles allows Displays 2 Go to maintain tight control over timing and quality, with our team being sure to handle valuable assets with care and consideration. This was extremely important in the case of this stand given the fragility of some of the moulded acrylic elements! Furthermore, our team is able to take advantage of early delivery windows to get on-site and under way rather than waiting for someone else's trucks to arrive!

With experience working on sites throughout Australia and NZ, our teams are able to navigate the potential pitfalls that may otherwise derail plans. Things like site safety inductions, loading dock bookings, disagreeable venue managers and various other barriers can cause serious issues on site. Displays 2 Go has developed an extensive set of site guidelines and schedules that allow us to tick as many boxes as possible.  

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