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Interactive Information Kiosk


Our client is a leading agency representing the owners of an A-grade office tower in the Haymarket precinct of the CBD, showcasing 32 levels of prime office space and two levels of retail.  

In March 2016 the building managers commenced a significant and exciting transformation designed to deliver a refreshingly new, quality experience for tenants and visitors alike.

As this transformation would take the best part of a year to complete, the building owners decided to keep the public informed as to the progress during the works and commissioned an on-site interactive information kiosk for the main entrance to the building. This was designed by our client and built and installed by the specialist team here at Displays 2 Go. 

The Challenge

Concept drawings were created and as with all projects, there were certain criteria that had to be met and certain challenges that needed to be overcome.

In order for us to build this information kiosk display we had to:

  • assist and advise the agency during the design phase with regards to practicality, materials and finishes
  • supply a solution within a set budget
  • ensure all elements were able to be reused in other environments
  • make the display visually impressive as it would be located in the high traffic area of the building foyer
  • encourage visitors to interact with the display

One of the most challenging things with this project was the fact that the entire display had to be a temporary structure and could not be permanently fixed to any part of the building. This created some unique challenges:

The Wall - one of the requirements was for a 3m high wall supporting a series of heavy planter pots. This had to be self supporting and with no risk of being pushed over.

The Cubes - there were three feature cubes that were designed to give the whole display a unique modern look, but these had to be robust enough to withstand potential damage by the public as they were a prominent part of the overall display.

The Interactive Elements - these had to be interactive enough to grab people's attention as soon as they walked into the area.

The Solution

The team at Displays 2 Go worked though these challenges and came up with a display that was simply stunning. It consisted of the following elements:

Freestanding Tower

  • a purpose built freestanding tower structure designed and built in MDF with bright graphics on the front. The planter pots were particularly heavy, so in order to make the wall stable we engineered a structure that had additional ballast in the rear.


  • 2 lightweight SuperWalls 2.4m wide x 3.0m high with square corners were designed to perfectly complete the other elements

Interactive media

  • a large TV and iPad, with a professionally tailored video presentation, provided a fun interactive experience for all concerned


  • 3 feature cubes with acrylic and graphics - to ensure these cubes stood the test of time one of our acrylic experts designed surfaces for the cubes in white acrylic while the outer shell was constructed of solid timber with a graphic applied. The inside of each cube highlighted an exciting clear acrylic panel with a laser etched logo to give a modern and contemporary feel. The overall result was simply stunning.


  • on site installation of the display

The Testimonial

Further to the install yesterday I wanted to share the attached images and thanks to you all for a terrific job.

My client and in turn his end client were very pleased with the end result on what I thought was a terrific looking product. 

Please extend my thanks to the install team for their professionalism and the team in general for a  well-executed production.


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