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Cobs Sampling Trolleys


Cobs Fine Foods was created in 2004 in the family kitchen. It all came about when they were looking for a healthy snack for their children, and could not find anything suitable. After many experiments, burnt pans and late nights, Cobs popcorn was born and they have never looked back. a huge part of their success is that they have remained true to their healthy roots, with absolutely nothing artificial going into their products. They now have a full range of flavours and snacks in the marketplace.

The Challenge

We were originally approached by Cobs Fine Foods in September 2017 with a brief to design and manufacture some sampling carts for several upcoming  promotional events. The sampling carts had to reflect the brand and be instantly recognisable - they needed to create impact in order to draw people in and deliver high sample numbers each day.

One of the key considerations was that the sampling carts had to function on a variety of different outside surfaces such as concrete, grass and gravel as well as inside, because the sampling campaign was scheduled to run within many different venues.

The sampling carts had to be eye catching as well as easy for the Cobs staff to move around. They had to be able to store a decent amount of product to give away, so the staff were not constantly having to run back to their base and re-stock.

The Solution

After an initial consultation with the client, we came up with the idea of producing a sampling cart that looked like a traditional popcorn bucket. Instead of the classic red and white stripe, we suggested we use the Cob's corporate colours and branding, making it easy to recognise and grabbing attention. A rough version was presented and although very basic it encapsulated the concept and worked well as a starting point for the client to plan from.

After the initial review, some small changes were made, and then the go-ahead was given to proceed to the next stage. This involved the engineering department at Displays 2 Go providing more detailed drawings prior to production. We also made some recommendations regarding materials and other details, such as the most appropriate type of wheel assembly.

Cobs loved the idea, and the job went into production. We found a solution that was not only on brief but that enabled Cobs staff to use these sampling trolleys in a number of different campaigns, creating brand awareness and getting a great ROI.

The Testimonial

The carts look great and our popcorn was so popular the team could hardly keep up with restocking them

 Helen Craig, Marketing Manager | Cobs Fine Foods


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