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Yamaha Helicopter Display Kit


Yamaha Sky Division Australia - part of the multinational Yamaha Motor Company - operates the RMAX unmanned helicopter.   Designed for a wide range of industrial and research applications, these UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are used for agricultural roles such as crop-dusting and seeding, and various industrial purposes nationally. 

The Challenge

Like so many of our clients, Yamaha Sky Division Australia came to us seeking a solution to a problem.  They constantly travel the country to demonstrate their unmanned helicopters at farming and industry field days and had been lugging around a large, timber plinth to support the 90Kg aircraft when on show.  They were looking to replace it with a lighter plinth that would still support their aircraft, and with some other important features:

  • Portability: needed to be light weight and to break down for transportation
  • Strength and stability: had to support at least 90 kgs and be stable in mild outdoor conditions
  • Ease of use: needed to be easy to take apart and reassemble
  • Cost effective: had to fit their existing budget
  • Deadline: needed in eleven days       

The Solution

To overcome the weight issues we built a light-weight, modular, aluminium frame that would easily support well in excess of 90 kgs.  This was effectively 'skinned' with extruded polypropylene and married to a second unit of the same size but without the internal frame structure, as it wasn't required to support any weight.  We topped the plinths with two separate MDF timber lids finished in a hard-wearing laminate, one of which was rebated to accept the skids of the helicopter and fitted with a locking device to anchor it.

To combine the plinths into one unit we used folding, laminated graphic panels to completely encompass both bases and to provide lots of space for the stunning artwork.  Completing the 'travel system,' we used sturdy cardboard cartons over which heavy duty carry bags fitted neatly to encase the components.

Finally, we increased the visual impact by adding four of our lifetime-guarantee, Premier pull-up banners to the display.

The Result

Yamaha Sky Division Australia has been very happy with the helicopter display we produced for them and have underscored their satisfaction by recently taking delivery of a second unit.  When our clients re-order custom items we always ask if there are any tweaks they would like us to make, and it is gratifying to hear that we got it right the first time and that there are no changes needed! 


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