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Get a Sky Banner and get noticed!

Branded Sky Banners

The Sky Banner is a specialist hanging banner for the exhibition, trade show and shopping centre environments that require big impact. Being an imposing size, the sky banner is designed to be hung well above your booth or show area, giving you the perfect solution to tower over your competition!


Light in weight and easy-to-use

Being a tension fabric system with a simple aluminium skeleton frame means the Sky Banner is both lightweight and compact when packed away. The Sky Banner carry bag will fit comfortably on the back seat of your car or as check-in luggage on a plane, and weighs around 15 kilograms only (depending on size).

Sky Banners in your choice of shapes and sizes

The Sky Banner is available in multiple styles, and a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs. We can also build custom sizes to suit your requirements - just ask.