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Spirit Publishing (Trans-Tasman)

Client Brief

Our client required a custom 6x3 metre stand to be built and installed for a market leading gift fair. The stand had to be built with a specific plywood material to achieve the required aesthetic, and had to display multiple lightweight paper products on customised timber shelf units. Storage cupboards were required along the stand base to alleviate any off-site product storage issues, with signage and lighting across the top of the walling.

Design and Planning

With our in-house design team, we were able to exceed our client’s initial expectations with careful design and planning across the build and signage requirements. All drawings and designs are confirmed with the client throughout the job life cycle prior to installation.

Using our extensive supplier network, we were able to source all the custom products, including a specific Birch Plywood. All signage graphics were produced in house.

Production and Logistics

Our carpentry team and skilled expo builders built and tested all components of the stand within our Sydney facility prior to installation. The stand was then prepared for onsite installation in custom packages.


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