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Temporary Display Walls That Offer Flexibility & Portability

Portable Walls

Our range of portable walls give you all the flexibility and portability you'll need.  Built to be super lightweight yet strong and durable these SuperWall display walls are the perfect solution for exhibitions, corporate and retail environments.  

Just Imagine. A truly CUSTOM display wall.

The SuperWall system lends itself to bespoke creations. We can cut fabric and bend aluminium to create a personalised, customised display wall, whilst keeping it lightweight and easy to transport.

We offer a broad range of services

As well as a warehouse full of products we have specialists that can help with all aspects of your exhibition, conference, event, experiential or sampling campaign.

Contact Us

Our team of display experts is here to help.

Give us a call on 1300 240 250 or use the form below to tell us as much as you can and we’ll reply to you within one business day.