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Credit Terms

Giving credit, where credit is due

No-one likes talking about money, so we talked to our accounts department about this and they decided to write about some of the issues they face each week - just giving credit where credit is due!

Credit, def: the ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.

If you’re a business owner or have ever run a business, you are probably very used to ordering goods and services from your best regular suppliers and then being charged for those goods on an invoice, with payments terms 30 days after the invoice date. For a Displays 2 Go client to receive this service, they need to have a credit account with us.

How to get a credit account with Displays 2 Go

We’re a pretty busy accounts department, processing hundreds of orders a day, working with several currencies across multiple countries. All of our best clients have credit accounts already arranged. We are happy to help you too and will be delighted to open a credit account for you. But it comes with a few provisos:

A credit account is not a right, but more an agreement based on trust, that is earned by a customer after developing a relationship with us.

A credit account takes around a week to establish because we have to process quite a bit of paperwork, as well as follow up on your references by phone or email. If you’ve ever tried this yourself you would know it normally takes quite a while.

If you have a purchase history with Displays 2 Go you’re well placed to request and then be offered a credit account. However, if you’re a first-time customer then be aware of the following:

You’re unlikely to receive credit terms straight away. Please don’t be upset by this - we’re simply a little old-fashioned and like us to get to know each other rather than jumping into an agreement with a stranger straight away! Frankly, if we have no relationship with a new client and they start to insist on credit from the get-go it rings an alarm bell for our accounts team.

You will never get a credit account after you have agreed to purchase goods or services from us and we’ve got a job going through our production department for you.

It is impossible to get credit from us without having a formal credit account - that would be like going out in a boat without enough fuel for the return journey.

Just because a client is from a big company that’s a well-know name doesn’t mean they are automatically entitled to a credit account. As our accounts department can tell you, they are some of the worst when it comes to paying their bills on time! (The notion that big or famous companies would somehow be more reliable in their payments is a myth – just ask someone who works in an accounts payable department). Let’s do a couple of nice jobs together first, get to know each other, and make it a beautiful thing.

So what does this mean in reality?

If you would like to purchase goods and services from us, then request a credit account a week before making a purchase. Don't rush it - if you need those goods urgently then simply pay up-front.

We would be delighted to assess your application, talk to your references and extend our credit terms to you. However, don’t assume you will be offered a credit account with us if you have no previous purchase history with us.

Our accounts department love to remind us that no-one has the right to demand credit by virtue of their company fame or size, but if they work with us to pre-arrange credit in an appropriate way our accounts team are ready and willing to help.

This is a common-sense principle that applies to all businesses, regardless of size, their company policy and their own payment terms.

Believe us, we’ve heard every reason in the book for why we MUST provide you with credit terms even though we don't have a relationship. But we're old-fashioned and choosy about our partners. Spend a little time getting to know us, and who knows what the future holds...