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Eventful Kids Portable Child Care Booths


Eventful Kids provides portable creativity centres for children within a shopping centre environment, which allows parents and caregivers to enjoy their shopping knowing their kids are in a safe and fun environment.

The "drop while you shop" creative centre concept offers a range of crafts and activities for children, including items such as:

  • a range of craft activities (free play and “how to”)
  • activity mats and construction toys
  • a library corner
  • puppets and story boards
  • costumes and dress ups
  • musical instruments

The Challenge

There were several challenges with this project, which all needed careful consideration.

First, the entire structure had to be transported and assembled by only two people in a limited time period, just prior to the booth being open for business.

Second, the structure had to be entirely child friendly with no sharp edges and no possibility of the structure falling over.

Thirdly, we all know how much kids love having fun so the solution needed to be easy to clean and built tough, to withstand up to 20 young boys creating havoc at any one time.

Fourthly, the booth needed to be secure so that once children entered they were in no danger of getting out without adult supervision.

Last but not least, the entire booth had to actually appeal to kids and make them want to go in there; and more importantly happy to be left there - sometimes the hardest test of all!

The Solution

To ensure easy transportability and assembly we designed the booth using a modular system, with no single element being bigger than a metre wide and a framework that allowed for some shape customisation.

To make sure kids could see out, and mums & dads could look in on their kids, we included various shatter-proof clear polycarbonate modules. We created a simple entry and exit system to ensure no-one went missing and ensured everything could be easily wiped clean by using vinyl graphics panels.

But how did we ensure kid-appeal? First we involved a few kids in the design phase, checking they liked the graphics.  Then we tested the interactive elements for kid appeal, before including fun components such as squiggly mirrors, join-the-dots puzzles, and laminated printed boards for drawing on.

On the outside we used bright graphics panels to grab attention, whilst the clear polycarbonate panels allowed potential users to pre-vet the the booth.

There is nothing as scary and rewarding at the same time as working with kids - our solution had to be right first time with no room for mistakes.  And it had to be an absolute hit with children and adults alike, because we wanted parents to be OK with leaving their kids and kids to be OK with being left by their parents! A tough brief, but well delivered by Displays 2 Go.

The Testimonial

“Because our move in times are so tight we needed a quality system that was simple and quick to assemble. The Displays 2 Go design excels in this area and revolutionises the way we set up.

All our centres have to be hard wearing and robust, yet look fantastic and exciting for the children. Our clients and staff alike all love the outstanding finish which makes us look fabulous!

From a client perspective, it is clear that you all work as a great team, and everyone knows what is going on.  I feel like we have a relationship with someone in each area of your business, and everyone is pleasant to deal with, professional and knowledgable."

Eventful Kids’ Stay’nPlay Centres


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