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Client Brief

Our agency client approached us to help build the stands for five Westfield shopping centre site activations throughout Australia for Specsavers' launch of their new frames. The launch program featured both designers and personalities on the stand, including Alex Perry and Sally Obermeider.  Visitors to the stand would be assisted by the pros in finding the perfect style of frames to suit them!​

The design required plenty of space to showcase the frames, plus mirrors for prospective clients to test the look of their frames, and space for the designers and personalities to offer one-on-one advice.  Within these requirements is was naturally essential for the Specsavers brand to feature prominently in a way that is effective within a "visually busy" shopping centre environment.  

With the large and diverse scale of activations across NSW, Vic, Qld, SA and WA, we needed to ensure budget was allocated in a smart and effective way to ensure the high-quality finish could be achieved within the requirements of a demanding logistics schedule. Each activation was on consecutive weekends!​

Design and Planning

From the start of the build planning process it was clear the speed of install and dismantle was a high priority due to the demands of the logistics schedule. Further to this, the high-fashion brand involved meant the finishes had to offer a premium look and feel. The challenge for the Displays 2 Go team was to create a build that ticked these boxes without sacrificing one for the other. 

We combined a number of our standard range of portable products, making modifications and customisations as we went. This allowed us to rely on our background as a portable exhibition manufacturer to develop a stand that allowed quick, easy installation - as well as packing down to a small size and transporting well! 

The wall system used our experience in fabric silicone-edge graphics, aluminium extrusions and some custom shelves to form a neat structure for the stand - this was a modified version of our Brandframe product. Added to this was the profile cut foam logo header which formed the structure of the stand. The height of this feature allowed it to be seen from across the shopping centre floors, creating a genuine focal point and drawing prospective clients to the activation. Custom printed floor vinyl, stylised tables and chairs, and lit up mirrors were used to finalise the look of the stand.

Production and Logistics

Five activations in five weeks might not sound like a huge challenge, but when you need to move a double-pallet of gear from one location to the next in a huge country like Australia it becomes a conundrum. Throw into the mix the challenges associated with working within huge shopping centre loading docks and it was a recipe for potential disaster! 

We carefully considered the way the stand was built to ensure we minimised installation and dismantle timings. This also allowed us to pack the unit down into a relatively small double-pallet space for transport. This offered huge benefits by allowing us to move the freight quickly and within budget.

Our relationships with freight carriers through Australia, particularly with our account managers within these companies, plays a huge role in our ability to move the our gear around the country efficiently. By working with everyone involved, from client to freight carrier to shopping centre managers to installers, Displays 2 Go was able to ensure the seamless transport, delivery and activation of each location.


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