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Digital and Multimedia Solutions for better engagement on-screen.

Digital screens deliver more information, more effectively.

At Displays 2 Go, we provide clients with a complete digital service that includes initial advice, then effective design to deliver a great user experience.  We develop the software and install it on the right hardware. We're with you each step of the way, ensuring your digital content reaches the right audience in an engaging effective way.

Having helped clients with their exhibition, event and experiential campaigns for many years, we know that including digital interactive displays in our solutions ensures much greater impact, better communication and a more engaging user experience. Touch screen technologies enable users to self navigate to the information they need. Stand visitors can engage with you even when staff are busy with other customers. Using effective multimedia solutions ensures opportunities don't walk away.



Point people in the right direction easily with a digital wayfinding screen - the brighter lights and movement attract more attention.

Workplace solutions


Use the screen for visitor sign-ins, staff messaging, interactive maps and searches and of course welcome messages



Use touch screen solutions to quickly capture data, generate leads and develop better safety procedures.


Run in-store promotions and competitions quickly and easily, with remote access to all machines for fast edits or timed actions.


Visitors can view interactive maps, download content, set appointments, find suppliers and even book food and drinks.


Highlight key product information and allow user-driven product research via the touch screen navigation


Fast navigation to key info, locations and schedules make events more visitor friendly. Tracked interactions deliver more insights too.


Aggregate all your comms, online and offline, into one on-screen location with simple touch screen customer navigation.

We help to uncover ways to deliver a better user experience through touchscreen technology and a simple user interface.

Developing your screen solution

Using our unique content management system, we can develop your on-screen solutions efficiently. Often it's as simple as repackaging and re-purposing your existing content and then formatting it to work within a touchscreen environment. With years of experience working with content, video, websites and presentations, you're in safe hands. 

We have developed on-screen communications for retail, events, exhibitions stands, offices and showrooms.



We talk through what you need and the resources you have at your disposal.


Based on our discussion we work on a design that optimises the user experience through a carefully considered user interface.


Based on your requirements we suggest a solution from a large range of hardware options. You choose whether to rent or buy.


Our hardware partners with tried and tested cloud-based software to deliver your on-screen solution. Depending on your requirements, get access to our remote Content Management System, giving you more control of your displays.

Manage your content remotely using our central hub

Content & Media Management

All our hardware solutions utilise our Media Manager software, developed over the past few years to deliver an engaging user experience through a powerful back-end operating system. This forms the hub for all your content and works like a website CMS, but it is used to manage multiple hardware screens or kiosks and can have tailored content for different screens. It's a powerful solution yet simple to use.

Digital floor standing Interactive Screens developed for Fonterra

time to make a big impact?

Touchscreen Interactive Digital Kiosks

Our floor-standing touchscreen Interactive Digital kiosks stand out from the crowd, not only in size but also in screen brightness. We'll work with your existing content to design a navigation solution that ensures you get results. We then load your content to our central CMS so everything is in one place. We can access each and every Interactive Digital Kiosk remotely, so we have you covered should things go a little pear-shaped!

The touchscreen interface enables users to quickly navigate to the information they want, but each kiosk also delivers an effective brand message when not being actively used - so it's an information hub and a brand advertisement. 

LED Screens add additional engagement opportunities for customers
multimedia displays and games at exhibitions
Enhancing on-stand engagement with multimedia displays

Multimedia Screens

There are few high quality exhibition stands these days that don't feature a screen display of some kind. Our wide selection of screens including LED panels, iPads and tablet solutions to ensure your message is displayed effectively, wherever the location. 

Screen displays deliver more impact, encouraging passers-by to stop and watch - enough time for your staff to engage in conversation or to encourage a visitor to pause. Digital displays are an effective way to curate and communicate a lot of information in a short space of time, in a memorable way.

Our wide selection of multimedia screens includes large interactive touchscreen kiosks, LED TVs, as well as smaller iPad and tablet solutions. Using multimedia functionality enables users to self navigate to answer their own questions and are fantastic for keeping people engaged whilst your staff are busy talking to customers.


Reaching beyond simple communication, we can create different digital on-screen experiences. These require imagination, design and exceptional coding skills.

As well as providing the digital hardware, we can deliver amazing experiences through interactive games, virtual reality solutions and touchscreen apps. 



We'll run your existing apps through our hardware, or create a bespoke app for you.



We'll bring your stand to life through incredible augmented reality, customised to your brand and objectives.



Displaying important information should be more interactive than a static poster.



Get more from your next event and dial-up the user engagement with a photobooth.



Run simple slide shows on a loop via an LED display. Pre-program a schedule to display different messages at different times of day.



Deliver more engagement on your stand or at your event with on-screen games 



Use your large screen as a demonstration PC, with full web browsing as well as stored files and content.



Take user engagement to the next level. Create a virtual reality experience at your next event

Get more from your digital content

We find that many of our clients already have a lot of content such as digital media, video, PDF brochures, advertising and various presentations. Our skills come in putting all this content to good use, within a digital solution. We help your customers find what they are looking for, assist them in navigating around your content, and then provide a memorable experience once they discover more about you and your brand. 

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Rent or Buy?

We offer all our hardware solutions to rent or purchase. If you're not sure what's best then consider how many times you will use the hardware in the course of one to three years. We are happy to provide pricing for all options to make it easier to decide.

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