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Australia's Next Top Model


We were engaged by the production company's agency to design and build a display kit that could be used at multiple TV events across the country.  The show's producers needed to travel to multiple sites, particularly large shopping malls, to set up a staging event for models to audition for the show.

The key components of the brief were to design and build a large judges desk and over-size backdrop wall that could easily be packed away and moved on to the next show.  The production team were on a tight schedule, so did not have time to spend hours setting up each time or move goods slowly around the country via road freight.  All the gear needed to assemble in minutes, and be easily transportable on a plane. 

The Challenge

Setting up a good looking television studio set is easy, but replicating this set to look great and be highly portable was what made this job different.  Looking great in every situation, and in a new city every day, was critical.

The Solution

After breaking down the component pieces that Foxtel wanted to showcase we were able to put together a single design layout that could be used at all of their event locations.  Using a custom-size giant SuperWall backdrop as the key visual feature was an absolute must, as the low reflection of the printed fabric graphic works perfectly under TV lights.  We then constructed a judges table that consisted of a number of separate smaller tables that joined together side-by-side to create one large desk area.  By adding a giant one-piece graphic wrap, the tables were visually brought together so as to appear as one.

Adding some banners, spotlights and carry bags completed the kit, much to the delight of the client.


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