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Competitions & Prize Promotions

Finding the Perfect Acrylic Display Case | Acrylic Display Plastic

Ever thought about how awesome it would be to showcase your collectibles or merchandise, such as model cars, without the fear of them getting dusty or accidentally knocked over? Well, acrylic display cases are here to save the day.

Spin Wheel Random Picker Wheel: Spin to Decide with Spin the Wheel

In a world overflowing with choices and the often overwhelming challenge of decision-making, spinner wheels offer a delightful and straightforward way to select options. This tool isn't just for entertainment; it's a practical solution for randomizing choices in classrooms, at promotional events, or even online.

Raffle Barrels

The Essential Guide to Raffle Barrels (Elevate Your Next Event)

Incorporating a raffle barrel into your event is more than just adding a ticket container; it's about creating an atmosphere of excitement, fairness, and engagement. Choose the right barrel, and watch as it transforms your event into a memorable experience!

Thinking outside the box.

That’s exactly what the team here at Displays 2 Go faced, as we entered into isolation as part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost overnight the events industry disappeared, and there are few who know what it will look like when it comes back. 

Spin to Win Prize Wheels

Whether you are looking for a Spin to Win prize wheel, a free-standing chocolate wheel or a tabletop promotional wheel, you’ll find all these promo wheels right here at Displays 2 Go, and although it feels like they’ve been around forever, they’re still very popular and a big hit with customers.