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The low down on demonstration tables

Portable sales tables, demonstration tables, sampling tables – so many names but are they all the same? 

It’s all about creating brand relationships

More and more companies these days are adopting experiential marketing as a backbone to their overall branding plans.

Australia’s Supermarket Crisis

Grocery prices were said to have fallen by 40% in the UK, so what is in store for Australian shoppers? Gone are the days when you simply shopped at your nearest supermarket, now shoppers have to decide which supermarket can give them the best bang for their buck!

Portable Child Care Centres in Shopping Malls

We have all been there, need to go shopping but have got the kids in toe…..if only there was another solution. 

What are Plinths, Pedestals and Podiums?

Many customers don’t understand the terms plinth, pedestal or podium, and we’re often asked to explain what we mean.  It’s understandable as they’re quite similar really but used in slightly different ways.

Promotional Flags and Banners

Promotional flags and banners are a staple of the display industry, and a useful feature of any exhibition kit.  As well as selling them individually, we also often include them as part of an exhibition or conference kit.

Click-Stand – the new mobile sampling unit

Want a new mobile sampling solution for your next in-store campaign?  Ever wished you could move your sampling table around the supermarket targeting people that are your prime audience?  

Gazebo-2-Go Event Marquees

Gazebos are a must-have at any outside event, providing shade from the sun, shelter from the rain or protection from the wind.

Pack like a Pro?

Whether you’re going on a business trip or a taking a holiday in the sun, one thing is for certain: you will need to pack.

Thinking about Colour

We often take colour for granted, until we see something that is so vivid or beautiful that it stops us in our tracks!