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Our guide to demonstration tables and how to get the best from them

Portable sales tables, demonstration tables, sampling tables – so many names but are they all the same? 

Displays 2 Go are a major supplier of display tables to FMCG and supermarket sampling companies in Australia and we certainly know a thing or two about tables, so grab a coffee and read on…

There are many tables to choose from so it’s important that you know what is required from your experiential campaign and which table will give you the most impact.  The main reason you need a sampling table is to demonstrate your product and increase sales, so you can call the table what you like, as long as it delivers you some results.

We can offer a simple off-the-shelf table which includes a plastic top and branded wrap, looks great and works a treat. However, we can create even more impact with poles and a header card.  It’s a simple solution but it works, because suddenly your sampling station can be seen right across the supermarket.  These are easy and quick to set up in-store and they’re built tough for repeated use.

Want to jazz it up a bit? Easy, we’ve got various shapes and sizes to create a bit more interest.  We can also put your branding on washable fabric, which creates stunning images and makes the whole package even more lightweight, even simpler to set up, and even easier to keep looking tip-top.

Need to cook on the stand?  No problem, we’ll keep you safe with heat reflective materials, reinforced shelves, and built-in chopping boards where required.  We can add a cable entry point on the table which hides those unsightly cables and keeps them neat and tidy within your stand.

If that’s still not cutting it, then what about a totally moveable solution?  There is nothing worse than spending money on a table and then being stuck in a corner of the supermarket not being noticed!  Displays 2 Go has listened to clients over the years and has developed a demonstration and sampling stand on wheels –  called the Click-Stand.

This clever design has a range of click-on/click-off components to enable you to showcase different companion pieces according to the product your displaying. So, if you are sampling a product, simply add a vendor tray to your stand,.  If you need to collect data then click on the iPad.  If you are running a competition then click on an entry box. It’s simple and easy to swap pieces, giving you the flexibility to create a display that’s customised to your exact requirements.

We also offer bespoke solutions; just give us the problem and we will design a solution. Like when Woolworths came to us and asked us to develop some tables for a promotion with Jamie Oliver. The solution was to create enough surface space to accommodate the crowds but with a down-to-earth feel that replicated the advertising campaign.

But sometimes a table alone isn’t enough. That’s why we’ve got a range of vendor trays, leaflet holders, product display shelving and iPad/tablet holders to help create greater interaction.

Displays 2 Go has years of experience working with many of Australian experiential agencies. We understand why solutions must be easy to transport, why the gear needs to be built tough and why it must be simple to assemble. It’s why so many people work with us; and because we ALWAYS get the job done on time and on budget!

Take a look at some of the demo tables we’ve created over the years, right here at our online showroom. It’s a great source for ideas, and if you see something you like, give us a call on 1300 240 250.