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Custom Made Display | Concept & Design.

We would love to talk more about custom made solutions and how we can help you deliver more impact.

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Idea Generation and Concept Creation

The Custom Made team is made up of people with extensive experience through a range of different event and production types, along with being exposed to new and emerging trends and technologies. This fact means that there is no-one better placed to assist with creating cutting-edge, quality and innovative designs for our clients.

Using a combination of written, technical and visual communication techniques allows the team to move through the stages of creating and generating ideas into briefs and technical specifications. Whether it be a pipe-dream or it came to you in a real dream, our team can assist to form a range of ideas into fully formed, usable concepts!

Planning and Concept Image Preparation

Once we have the ideas and concepts in mind, a combination of our in-house manufacturing expertise and our gun design team reviews the concept. Using their collective knowledge and communication abilities, planning of the technical elements of the design are combined with the visual to create a range of concept images that can be used to give a deep insight into the effect of the concept once realised.

The location of the installation, the scale of the build, precision elements, budget and many other factors are considered in this process. Whether it be for a POS stand with lots of fiddly detail or a large-scale exhibition build, we have the expertise to combine the concept with the reality of building and delivering it!

Revisions and Technical Drawings

Concepts are that for a reason: we are working to create an agreed specification and look that suits our clients’ requirements and desires. We would rarely expect our initial concepts to go through to production and are therefore used to offering many revisions to the specification as we work through a project. Our job is to ensure that the concept we move into production offers our clients the look, feel, budget expectation and functionality that they need, as well as meet the realistic technical and logistical requirements of a project.

We ensure we achieve these things through the use of revised concept images, technical drawings, 3D modelling and many other communication techniques that our design team are well versed in.

Design, Creative and Artwork Production

Moving into the production phase of a job requires a new set of additional design work and support.

Much of this work is technical in nature, whether it be knife lines for a particular profile cut, a 3D file for an axis router, perfectly sized artwork or a line drawing for a carpenter; our team are capable of preparing all of these files.

The creative part of this process, and without doubt the most impactful part of a project, is about ensuring the artwork elements are created in a way that maximises the branded components of any project. A recognisable brand is powerful, and a brand is recognisable based on the quality of its branding! Our design team includes graphic designers who are trained and experienced in taking our concepts and creating finished artwork that is impactful, true to the brand and complements the physical elements of a project.

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