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Evaluation of Deadlines and Timings

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, the Custom Made team are able to prepare an overall timeline for each project that ensures the critical paths are met at each stage of progression. This overview is critical in ensuring that freight and installation timings are factored in, allowing deadlines to be hit! It is important to do this at the start of every project and regularly review the components of the project to ensure each project.

Preparation of Logistics Plan

As with all of our Custom Made builds, a full pre-build was undertaken at the warehouse prior to going on-site. This all forms part of our logistics planning. It gives us the opportunity to ensure the stand construction is as expected.

In the case of the Tropeaka stand, we needed to ensure the new elements were properly incorporated. The rear video wall in this stand was a tricky element to manage. It was unable to be included in the pre-build for a number of reasons. Given the requirement to have substantial bracing and plates to allow the wall to stand, we had to go into significant detail with our design team to ensure the correct modifications were made to the floor prior to arrival on site.


Engagement of Freight and Installation Teams

We spend a great deal of time working on the logistics of a project to ensure the installation goes smoothly. This attention to detail is often unrecognised, but incredibly important. ​

On the Tropeaka stand we managed all the sub-contractors involved in the installation of a number of elements. This required a high level of detail in the planning phase as the build needed to be performed in a specific order of elements. To ensure we delivered, we needed to follow a set plan:

  1. ​Installation/hanging of large banner above stand space - this was first as the stand space itself was needed for access to the rigging
  2. Floor plates, truss and cabling installed for video screen
  3. Flooring installed around video screen truss and over LED cabling - cut outs in flooring matched the truss locations exactly as required.
  4. LED panels installed onto truss - this allowed the wall to be powered up and tested while the rest of the stand was built
  5. Other stand elements installed and finished

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