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All You Need To Know About Artwork Specifications

File Type

We prefer high-resolution PDFs for printing. Other file formats accepted include TIFF, JPEG, Illustrator and EPS. A $75 conversion fee is chargeable on non-PDF files.


If a file contains gradients, layers and/or transparencies, please ensure the file is flattened. For further instructions on how to flatten files, please refer to this guide.


Please outline or embed all text/fonts. For further instructions on how to outline fonts, please refer to this guide

Artwork Size

PDF files should be set up at 100% finished size or proportional size, with all necessary bleed included.


If not specified within a template, allow 10mm bleed to all edges. Specifications within a template for a specific product overrides any bleed specifications on this page.


For best results, file resolution should be at least 150ppi at 100% of finished size. The lowest acceptable resolution is 75ppi at 100% of finished size.

Large Files

Large file sizes for wide format printing can be a challenge and slow to transfer. If saving the PDF in Illustrator, the file can be significantly reduced in size by deselecting ‘Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities’ in the ‘General’ window when you ’Save Adobe PDF’. For further instructions on how to reduce file size, please refer to this guide.

Colour Mode

Please supply all artwork in CMYK mode. All spot colours should be converted to CMYK process colours. Spot colours remaining in the artwork with be converted to CMYK during the printing process, rendering unreliable results. For further instructions on how to check your colour modes, please refer to this guide.

Rich Black

If extra dense black is required, set a rich black to C = 50, M = 50, Y = 50, K = 100.

Colour Matching

Where colours need to be critically matched, please advise us at the time of your order. Provide a PMS colour reference as part of your request. A 4-colour process colour will be created to match as closely as possible to the PMS reference.


Digital proofs are available upon request. Please ask your salesperson at time of ordering if digital proofs are required. Printed A3 proofs are available upon request for $45 each.