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Our Commitment to a Circular Economy

Shifting from Linear to Circular

Traditionally, our economic model has followed a linear path in manufacturing, with steps of of taking, making, and disposing. In contrast, the circular economy aims to break this cycle by keeping materials and products in continuous use. This approach emphasises regenerative growth, where success is measured by the positive impacts on both society and the environment.

Roots in Nature's Wisdom

Inspired by the wisdom inherent in natural ecosystems, the circular economy embraces the principle that everything has a purpose. This concept is not new but is rooted in ancient knowledge, focusing on cycles and maintaining balance. The ultimate goal is to eliminate waste and enhance natural systems.

Steps Toward Circular Living

Adopting circular living involves practical steps such as smart sourcing, waste reduction, and repurposing. Striving to use materials that have been used before is a continuous process. This works hand-in-hand with how we source materials; food brands can prioritise local farms, shoe manufacturers can craft more durable footwear, and shipping companies can invest in eco-friendly logistics. Small businesses also have a role, beginning with auditing their sourcing and waste processes to join the movement towards sustainability.

Circular vs Linear Economy: A Different Way of Thinking



In our society's regular system, we use things and throw them away. It's a 'take-make-waste' approach - a straight line from creation to disposal. 

Cradle to Cradle


The circular economy keeps things in a loop. When you're done with something, it goes back into the system to be reused. It's about making, using, and returning in a continuous cycle. 

Ownership vs Use

Ownership vs Use

In the circular economy, you don't necessarily own things; you use them as needed. It's not about selling more products; it's about providing great service, enhancing user experience, and reusing materials efficiently.

We're on a journey

We've realised it's time to think differently about sustainability. At Displays 2 Go, we have learnt embrace the circular economy. Therefore, we're providing all our clients with the option to purchase and dispose of their display products through Displays 2 Go, ensuring that these items are either disposed of or recycled effectively. This initiative reflects our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting a more sustainable future. By choosing our services, you contribute to a greener planet where resources are continuously reused and valued. Join us in this journey towards a sustainable, regenerative economy.

We're changing for the better

Our Commitment

Continuously reviewing our production methods and materials, and choosing better options.

Our Commitment

We're using sustainable materials wherever possible, recycling whenever possible, and offering our customers options to reuse their existing hardware by reskinning their assets.

Our Commitment

We're making sure that Displays 2 Go team members work within our health and safety guidelines, to create a safe environment both within our factory and when completing site work.

Our Commitment

We're constantly striving to reduce our costs and offer lower-cost alternatives wiithout letting our quality and service diminish.

The Circular Economy in Action

Making a difference, long term

We are one of the few companies in Australia to provide a complete banner stand recycling service. Simply send us your old pull-up banners and we will provide a new graphic for you by reusing your existing hardware. Or if it's no longer required, we will work to find a new customer for this hardware by fitting a new banner.  If we cannot re-home it we will dispose of all the elements in the most sustainable way we can, reusing the parts within our production facility where possible, sending aluminium & steel components for recycling, and disposing of elements where we have to, into green waste.

"The circular economy is about simplicity—making, using, and returning in a continuous loop. It's a smart, sustainable way that benefits everyone and everything. We're joining Australian companies that are already showing us how it's done, and as we understand and adopt these principles, we pave the way for a better future."

Phil Hine, Director, Displays 2 Go

We're here to help.

We would love to understand more about your requirements. Need some wide-format or fabric printing? Or perhaps you have some unusual print requirements that no-one else has managed to solve. Let one of our experts give you a call and discuss the options available. Don't worry - no hard sell, just sound advice and great ideas.