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Planning, Specification and Quoting

From start to finish, every project needs a plan that outlines how the project will progress to ensure each critical piece of work is completed prior to the deadline. Each project will have a set of critical paths that are identified early in the project management process and assigned deadlines. This allows us to tick the boxes as a project progresses, giving our clients comfort and transparency in the production process.

A strong project management plan encompasses how a project will get off the ground, how it will be built, and how it will finish. It will also encompass the post-event management of the stand elements, allowing our clients to not only plan how to execute their current event but how to gain an improved return on investment through future additional use of the existing stand.

The plan starts with an idea, then a concept, progressing to design and drawings, and moves on to production, installation and delivery. With many moving parts coming together between each step, we ensure our project management team control this process and keeps our clients informed along the way. For this reason, our project management plans are drawn up as part of the quoting process for all of our jobs, showing how we plan to stage the successful delivery of projects of any size.

Liaison with Stakeholders

Our project management team is set up to ensure that there is transparency for our clients throughout the entire project process. By ensuring each client is allocated a project manager at the quoting stage, we ensure that the person who sends through and discusses your quote and job details is the same person who signs off the completed job with you at the end of the process.

This also gives our production team, suppliers, freight/logistics managers and clients a single point of contact who can provide concise and detailed project information at any stage of the process. The value in this approach is that we then allow our experts to focus on what they are good at rather than losing any efficiency or creating confusion within each project.

Organise, Oversee and Execute

By having a single individual with oversight for each project from start to finish, it allows for a full picture to be developed and understood by all parties involved in the project. While each project manager is not necessarily responsible for every action taken within a project cycle, they are responsible for maintaining the overall picture of the project, keeping their eye firmly on the finished result.

Custom Made firmly believes that by having a single point of contact for each project, we vastly reduce or eliminate the bits-and-pieces effect that often plagues larger builds. This oversight of the project, coupled with a great support team and well-executed project plan, delivers great results over and over again.

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