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Evolution of the Exhibition Industry

The exhibition industry is changing, and so are the products we use. There’s no need to organise a truck to collect your stand and then have three people ready to erect it – today’s products are much more portable and lightweight. In addition, they can usually fit in the back of a car and most people can erect a stand in just a few hours.

So what has changed, and is it really for the better?


One of the biggest changes to the industry is the design of the products and the materials we use. Many of the exhibition stands we now design are formed with an aluminium frame covered by a fabric sleeve. This creates a stand that is not only impactful, with its vibrant graphics, but is also robust and easy to set up. Demonstration tables and counters fold down flat into bags and flooring is designed to be laid time and time again.

Displays 2 Go

The risk of damaging part of the stand is drastically reduced, mainly because the fabric graphics do not chip or scratch like the old panels used to. In fact, at the end of the exhibition you can simply pop it in your washing machine and have it ready for your next trade show.  And with one giant graphic – rather than individual panels lined up together – exhibition stands simply look better.

Changing out your messaging is also an easy fix and one that is not too costly. Simply get another fabric sleeve printed and, hey presto, you have a whole new look for your stand. You can even print a different message on each side!

We’re also seeing an increase in the use of inflatable structures.The inflatable range consists of gazebo tents, furniture, counters and tubes. It is constructed with a strong PVC and then covered in a printed polyester cover. The cover can be branded with your logo or marketing message. Being inflatable means it can be erected very quickly, is highly portable and super easy to assemble. Call us direct for more information on 1300 240 250

Displays 2 Go - inflatables


Stands are utilising more and more technology. Visitors want to be engaged and amazed, and new technology products mean that visitors are indeed engaged even when staff are busy. Something as simple as an iPad stand or an integrated TV can be an effective tool and will not cost the earth. Touchscreen digital displays are another popular product on stands today. Not only do they draw visitors in, but they also enable them the ultimate freedom of discovering your products and services themselves using on-screen navigation. For many businesses, investment in a touch screen kiosk is re-paid easily with less staff on-stand, plus the screen can be re-programmed with a mix of content for other uses.Digital touchscreen Kiosk


One of the biggest changes in the industry are the consumers themselves. No longer is it ok to just have a stand with a couple of staff members and a fish bowl to collect business cards. Consumers nowadays need to experience something, they need to be wowed if they are to remember your business. So it’s important to get all the elements right. Yes, it’s important to have a good looking stand, yes, it’s important to have technology, but what will really set you apart is being a little different.

If you need help being ‘a little different’ then give us a call. We’re a little different too! Find out how we can help. Call our team today on 1300 240 250.

Image is everything! Hire a good photographer.

We’ve been building exhibition stands for many years and we work with marketing managers and business owners who understand the importance of their brand, and delivering a consistent brand experience at every touchpoint.

Quality images

Photography sells products.

In a world where image has become everything, it’s crazy to assume that a DIY photo or image will deliver what you need for your brand.  It has never been more important to invest in good design and good photography.

So, it continues to bemuse us when we receive images and design that is clearly ‘home-spun’. We’re asked to deliver exceptional, impactful display materials whilst being given mediocre artwork and imagery. Yes, our printing processes are cutting edge and our dye sublimation processing some of the best you’ll find, but we still need high resolution images to work with.

Your smartphone will take great photos, and in the right hands can even take award winning photos, but use those photos in a large format display and they may struggle to deliver.

Product photographyRemember when you use your images online they only need to be 72 dpi resolution and are likely to be used at a small enough size that imperfections won’t be seen. Use that same image at 2.4 metres and suddenly you have a very different set of circumstances.

This is where a highly skilled photographer can be your best ally – not just for their technical expertise but also for their creativity. Proper lighting, staging and a little Photoshop editing can make surprising differences to the final result. 

When budgeting for marketing materials, allow money to invest properly in photography and imagery. You really won’t regret it. You’ll use those images time and time again. Your PR agency, your ad agency and your web agency will all thank you for the investment, because now they are free to work without both hands tied behind their back!

For help and advice with your next portable display piece, give us a call. We’ll be honest if we feel your image isn’t going to print well, because we’re here to make you look good.  And because it’s our brand on the box!

Seeing is believing

Sometimes looks can be deceiving, and it’s only when you are actually up close and personal  that you realise the thing you think you are looking at is in fact something completely different. This is something we are all too familiar with at Displays 2 Go because in our industry we are often asked to create a structure that looks like one thing but has the attributes of something else. It’s quite an art form, and requires a specialised set of design skills, more akin to the theatre designer making props for a specific show. To an extent we’re creating an illusion.

A Natural Choice

Take for instance one demonstration table concept we created for a client. Their brief was to design a table that fitted in with their brand that looked natural and classic but most importantly was easy to assemble and could be moved around from place-to-place easily. The obvious choice was wood – a nice natural product that fitted with their vibe. However this would never work, as wood is heavy and cumbersome to transport, so we came up with another solution. If we wanted the wood look we could design and manufacture this using a printed effect. The finished product looked great, using a combination of two types of print to give some authenticity and character.

Displays 2 Go - 8 Bar plinth The Metro Barn

Another example of this is when we were asked to create a display solution that Mainland Cheese could take on the road. The roadshow had to align with their marketing campaign which centred on the the concept of “Taste the goodness of Time.” We were required to use modern materials, but retain an authentic rural and historical feel. We created this pop up gazebo, with full fabric graphics to give the look of an old, stone, cheese shed. We added accessories such as an old barrel and a fly fishing rod to give authenticity. A huge success. Displays 2 Go - Gazebo The Beehive

This example just shows how realistic our printing can be. These plinths were designed to look like beehives to bring to life the beauty products that were being showcased, indicating that real manuka honey goes into their products.

Displays 2 Go Plinths These examples show how the print and display industry has moved with the times, and the products that we print on today and the quality of the print are so much more advanced than before. Take for example our fabric products – these are not only simple to store, easy to assemble and look great – they also use a dye sublimated print solution. This method produces graphics that are vivid and stunning and can be washed over and over again. The fabric graphic is constructed as a sleeve and slips over a frame and is zipped tight to get the perfect fit. This method of display can be used for walls and backdrops, pedestals and demonstration tables.

SuperWall, Super Easy

The SuperWalls below are fabric and make the perfect corner booth for any display. They take roughly 10 minutes to assemble, making an instant impact. IMG_9807

We’re on fire

Take a look at this display – again fabric but the use of lights creates the effect of a fire. Displays 2 Go - Fabric Displays

Naughty but nice

Another fabric display we created was for the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey where we were asked to produce a 10 metre wide wall, and printed on this wall was the man himself, Mr Grey. Looking at the finished display you really had to look twice to see if it was a real person standing there or not.

Displays 2 Go - SuperWall There are many more examples we can show, but the main point we are trying to make here is that anything is possible and sometimes the only thing that stops us creating what we want is our own imagination. So the next time you have a project or need some inspiration then come and have a chat to our team and let’s see what magic we can create together.

The Impact of Fabric Displays

It’s true to say that Australia is definitely not at the forefront of exhibition displays when we look at the rest of the world. But as long as we recognise this, we can certainly use it to our advantage. At Displays 2 Go we are constantly looking overseas for inspiration and the latest in product development.

Mainland Cheese RoadshowOver the past few years the major changes to the display world have been via the use of FABRIC and DIGITAL displays. We all know that fabric has been around for a long time. You may have used it in previous displays, but fabric today has never been so impactful. Gone are the days when we were only able to print on the surface of the fabric; now the graphics sit within the very fibres of the fabric themselves, and this is where you get the WOW FACTOR.

Why use fabric?

Colour – The graphic textiles we use deliver a non-glare, true colour representation for your brand, image or message. What you see is what you get, in perfect colour. We choose the perfect fabric combinations that best fit the hardware they’re being used for.

Zero Curl – The fabrics we use don’t curl or lose their stretch, so they’re perfect for display walls, pull up banners and plinths.

Zero Fade – The fabrics we use are engineered to work perfectly with the latest dye sublimation print processes, ensuring not only incredible colour to begin with but also colour-fastness over time. The fabric can be washed many times and the colours won’t fade because the inks are embedded within the fabric.

Eco Friendly – The dye sublimation print process has a significantly lower environmental impact over other print methods,  with lower VOCs, a lower energy heat process, and reduced ink & water use. We use recycled polyester as the base material in most of our displays, knitted in different ways to suit its usage.

What products are there?

Our Lycra skins are designed to slide over our range of plinths, pedestals, portable tables and towers, giving our clients the flexibility to change the graphics on-site and in seconds! Lycra is not only stretchy and very hard wearing, but it’s very easy to use and gives an exceptional finished appearance.  It’s so good that you probably would not be able to tell the difference between traditionally printed displays and a Lycra display.

Displays 2 Go - Lycra sock pedestals

Fabric SuperWalls have come along way over the past few years; the basic SuperWall is still a great seller but we have recently introduced some new products that really create an impact. The new SuperWalls still have all the qualities as before; lightweight, portable, seamless, minimal light reflection, but they now come with some fabulous new designs.

The SuperWall Star and SuperWall Edge both feature more than one wall. For example, the Star incorporates a large, curved wall at the rear with a star-shape burst at the front. The combination of walls makes a real impact and the fabric graphics just seem to pop out at you.

Displays 2 Go - SuperWall Star

The SuperWall Edge consists of three modules, with the two side modules built at asymmetrical angles. The use of different modules give you the ability to have 3 different fabric skins which in turn could mean 3 different messages.  BONUS!

Displays 2 Go - SuperWall Edge

So, if you are looking for new display products or just need a new skin for an existing wall or plinth then give us a call. Or stop by and see for yourself how good these displays really are.

Fabric Displays – Can you tell the difference?

fabric_1Fabric display systems not only set the benchmark in flexibility and portability but give an exceptional finished appearance that is second to none.

Fabric displays have been used at the majority of trade shows in the US and Europe for many years. It’s fair to say that in the Southern Hemisphere we’ve been a little slow to take up this wonderful technology, but we have certainly caught up now and the industry has seen an explosion of ideas and design concepts.

At Displays 2 Go we believe the concept represents a genuine revolution in portable display and we would like to share with you the key benefits.


Who needs an exhibition stand that is heavy and cumbersome to move, takes hours to put up with boards and panels and comes with a book of instructions? No thanks! As an example of the new wave of portable displays, our SuperWall is built with simple, light weight aluminium tubing that’s incredibly strong. It’s also a snap lock system that folds up into a bag and is easily transportable. The fabric graphic slides over like a pillow case and presents superbly.  You can throw it in the back of your car or take it on the plane as carry-on luggage. Watch this video to see how easy it is to construct.


Mainland Cheese RoadshowBeing fabric means the graphics do not need to be printed onto separate board or panels.  Instead, a huge graphic can be printed and supplied in one large piece – with no seams!  Anyone with experience in exhibitions or visual merchandising will tell you how time consuming and cumbersome it can be trying to line up separate graphic pieces to achieve a seamless display.


Light Reflection

You arrive at the exhibition show and are quickly taken to your spot which is right next to a bright sunny window. Your initial thoughts are “great, some fresh air” but as you start setting up you realise that you cannot even read the company logo due to the light reflecting off your stand! Well, luckily this is not the case anymore as fabric displays have the added benefit of minimal reflection of lights and camera flashes so they are very versatile and can be positioned in a greater variety of environments than traditional stands.


Re-skinning an existing fabric display is simple to do and very cost effective. Simply unzip or otherwise release the original fabric and replace with a new skin, keeping your content up to date and fresh. You can even print different messages on each side, so no need for your stand to be shy and pushed against a wall; enjoy the freedom of exhibiting in the best areas, not merely the areas that are suitable for your stand.

Weird and Wonderful Shapes

funky fabric structure 1The beauty of fabric displays is that they can be used in all manner of shapes and sizes, from portable plinths, to tables, and other massive display structures.  They can even be used to disguise unsightly hardware you may need to hire for an event. If you have an unusual shape that needs branding, then Lycra fabric could be the way to go – its stretchiness and ease-of-use means it can be cut-to-size and wrapped around almost anything.


Print Quality and Colour

D2G - Dye Sublimation2Using fabric allows the user to access print technology known as dye sublimation, which can deliver extraordinarily vibrant, impactful graphic reproduction. It’s perfect for throwing in your washing machine as the inks are permanently part of the fabric, making it both colour fast and colour safe. Dye sublimation uses water-based inks, and fabrics are up to 90% recycled, making it one of the most eco-friendly display solutions available.


When products leave our production workshop we know they may need to withstand some harsh treatment, and that’s where fabric can be your friend. It will not peel, scratch or dent in the same way traditional graphics can, meaning it can withstand a high level of mistreatment from your staff or freight forwarders without compromising the finish of your display.

Love Lycra!D2G - Cyclists

Most people have a pre-conceived notion when it comes to the the word LYCRA, but this is simply way off the mark these days.  Sure, cyclists in Lycra don’t necessarily show off the fabric to greatest effect but portable displays in Lycra are another matter entirely, and the colour reproduction on this fabric can be stunning. Our Lycra skins are designed to slide over our range of pedestals, portable tables and towers, giving our clients the flexibility to change the graphics on-site and in seconds! Lycra is not only stretchy and very hard wearing, but it’s very easy to use and gives an exceptional finished appearance.  It’s so good that you probably would not be able to tell the difference between traditional display boards and a Lycra display. Take a look below – which one do you think is Lycra?