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The importance of Promotional Flags and Banners

Promotional flags and banners are a staple of the display industry, and a useful feature of any exhibition kit.  As well as selling them individually, we also often include them as part of an exhibition or conference kit.

Why are promo flags important?

Promo flags give your brand impact by displaying well above head height.  They’re incredibly flexible in how they can be used – choose to site them inside or outside, wherever you think they’ll make the most impact.  With a promo flag you have more options on where to place your brand, in order to get the most passing foot traffic. You might be exhibiting in the middle of a long aisle in a trade show, but you can place you flag at the junction to capture the attention of more people. At a busy conference you may want to let delegates know of your presence as they’re walking in, so they actively seek you out once inside the hall.

So, the humble promotional flag should be seen as a piece of moveable media which can be tactically placed to drive brand awareness.  It’s your brand’s local, portable banner/billboard. Never underestimate its usefulness.

Considerations when buying a flag

You need a promo banner that is instantly recognisable, has the ability to direct your customers and that will last against the rigours of our weather.

You should consider how much your promotional flag is going to be used. Will it be brought out for a limited time to support a promotion or event?  Or will it be fluttering outside your store 5 days a week? Consider carefully not only the materials being used but also the finishing such as any ropes and stitching.  All stitching edges are NOT made equal, and when the wind strengthens it’s often these edges that are the first to go.  In Australia,  we have very high UV levels so its important that the flag you choose is built for our environment, with UV stabilised fabric, inks and thread.  If you’re shopping around and see a bargain, be sure to ask about the materials used; that bargain buy may quickly rot in our weather.

Your promotional flag needs to be highly visible, which means it needs to stand up tall and feature highly impactful print.  At Displays 2 Go we use dye sublimation printing to ensure the graphics really ‘pop’  – the beauty of this is that the technique is really eco-friendly, more vibrant and takes longer to fade.

Consider how you affix your flag and keep it standing up.  At Displays 2 Go, we have a choice of seven different bases – yes that right seven! Various spikes, posts, water bases, wall fixings and even tow bar mounts!  It’s these options which make our flags different, and it’s why we believe they’re one of the best in the market.

How will your flag be viewed? Do you need it to be printed on both sides?  There really is no need to print on both sides if one side will never be seen, so really think about its location and save yourself some dollars!

We’ve all seen traditional flags get themselves in a muddle and wrap themselves around their flagpole etc.  Suddenly you can’t see what’s on them.  That’s why promotional style flags come in various shapes. Some are  designed to maximise the space you have to print your graphics on, like our Flag 2 Go or Blade 2 Go options.  Others are designed to look a little different and stand out from the crowd like our Twist & Shout rotating banner. Many use a different shape to reduce annoying ‘flutter’ noise (like the Fin 2 Go or Teardrop Banner).  We have a range of 9 different promotional flag and banners. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll be sure to have just the right solution.

If your flag is only going to be used on a few occasions a year, then you’ll be grateful that Display 2 Go’s flags ALL come with a strong carry bag and pockets for protecting your printed fabrics.  There’s nothing more annoying than grabbing the flag, thinking you’ve got all the bits and then discover at your event that half of them are missing.  Keep everything all in one place, neat and tidy, in a bag.

Imagine the scenario…you arrive at your event and the guy next door to you has a really big stand.  Your stand is completely blocked by his. You pull out your flag knowing it’s going to be about as much use as slippers on a snake!  Ah, but you’d forgotten that the flag you bought from Displays 2 Go has a pole with various height settings.  You simply erect your flag to the highest setting and stand out from the crowd! Perfect.  Who says size doesn’t matter?

Caring for your flag

It’s important that you look after your flag – you don’t want it looking battle-worn in a matter of days or hours.  Make sure your flag isn’t banging against an object when operational – this is sure to wear it out fast.  Nearby rough brickwork can play havoc with the fabric of a flag.  Have a look around to make sure there’s nothing for the flag to snag on when the wind picks up and begins to flutter.

Flags can be washed in a normal household washing machine set on a cold wash with normal mild detergents.  Do not soak or dry clean your flags, and avoid the use of soda or bleaching alkali.  Hang the flag or graphic to dry immediately after the wash – do not leave it rolled up.  If necessary you can use a cool or warm iron to remove any creases.  Even if the flag starts fraying it can sometimes be trimmed back and re-hemmed, but it’s good to catch these issues early and nip them in the bud.  If you see this happening with your flag, give us a call and we’ll talk you through some options.

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