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Visual Merchandising for sales optimisation

Displays 2 Go has a rich heritage in providing merchandise solutions for brands and businesses throughout Australia. We stock a broad range of off-the-shelf solutions as well as a design and production team that often create bespoke solutions for clients. 

All our solutions aim to optimise sales opportunities by delivering brand impact and product information with the end result that more shoppers consider the product for purchase. It sounds simple, but in reality there are many elements to be considered, not least of them, the environment that the product is being displayed in. 

Displays 2 Go has been delivering quality retail merchandising solutions for the past 15 years. 

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FMCG dump bins

Retail Solutions

Need to improve your product display in FMCG?

We design and manufacture dump bin and gondola-end solutions that grab shopper attention whilst they journey around your store.

Talk to us about bespoke product display options that create more of a brand experience at the point-of-purchase, helping to grow sales as well as strengthen brand recognition. 


Need to showcase your products?

Electrical and electronic retail stores are highly competitive environments in which any display solutions need to highlight features and benefits in addition to grabbing shopper attention.

Brands sold in these environments must work closely with the store owners, building displays to satisfy retailer requirements whilst delivering cut-through and gaining the attention of the target audience.

We have years of experience in working with some of Australia's biggest retailers and brands, delivering bespoke display solutions across retail stores Australia-wide.

Cable Suspension Display - retail
Cable Suspension Display - retail


Looking to make a fashion statement?

With shelving and racking systems alongside illuminated display and lightbox solutions, we have all you need to deliver a great shopper experience using modern functional materials that set the right tone for your store.


Here's a look at some of our most popular display systems

We offer a complete range of off-the-shelf retail display solutions to suit most needs. And what we don’t have, we can manufacture, bespoke to your requirements. Take a look at our most popular products, or click to view all our range.

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