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TV 2 Go with 43" TV and custom printed backing panel
portable TV stand
TV 2 Go with 43" TV and custom printed backing panel
Add a wrap to the carry case to convert to a sales counter
TV 2 Go stands with 43" TVs and custom printed backing panels
Hard shell wheeled road case - high top style can hold a 43" LCD TV
TV in portrait orientation
TV 2 Go with 42" TV and custom printed backing panel
TV 2 Go with 43" TV and custom printed backing panel
Use a matching graphic wrap for sales counter

'TV 2 Go' Exhibition TV Stand

The TV 2 Go is a simple, space-saving way to get your TV presentation in front of your target audience. Using a simple framing system in combination with your own TV, the TV 2 Go exhibition TV Stand provides a highly portable solution for product presentations, trade shows and entertainment.

The secret of the TV 2 Go is its ability to support a variety of screen sizes without the need for adaptors or different equipment, and the space-saving design of the framing system.

The TV 2 Go's clever TV stand design means that entire system weighs just 25 kilograms, and fits into a robust carry case on wheels.

(Price includes: aluminium-framed TV stand with universal TV mounting bracket, matt black fabric frame covers, and hard shell wheeled road case)

One of the constant frustrations experienced by regular exhibitors is the cost of having to hire TVs and monitor displays through exhibition organisers and their appointed hirers. You can expect to pay more than $800 to hire a TV with trolley for a single day! The TV 2 Go gives you to freedom to bring your own equipment, and either hire a TV on its own, or better still, bring your own.

The TV 2 Go will support up to 55" LED TVs, or 43" LCD TVs.

We can configure the case to take up to a 43" TV inside the same case, in addition to your TV stand.

Combining the TV 2 Go with a protective TV case will give you complete freedom to take your TV display on the road, without the need to hire any equipment on site. It will pay for itself after the first show!


Add a graphic 'wrap' or stretch cover to your wheeled case and convert it into a sales counter.

Adding optional graphics to the backing behind your TV or to the counter/case is easy. Counter/case graphics can be added via an interchangeable 'wrap' or with a printed stretch cover.

Artwork can be supplied directly by you or your graphic designer, or if you prefer we have an in-house graphic design department to prepare your print-ready artwork.

If you'd like pricing for graphic design simply send us a brief of requirements and we'll be happy to estimate for you. When you're at the checkout page simply advise us which option you prefer.  

For general instructions regarding file formats, artwork set-up, bleeds, and options for sending us artwork please be sure to review our artwork file specifications before preparing your print files. 

A range of artwork templates is listed below for your convenience, or contact us for the template to suit your chosen product(s).

Artwork guide for front graphic panel on TV 2 Go

Artwork guide for back graphic panel on TV 2 Go

Artwork guide for front graphic panel on TV 2 Go (shopping centre height)

Artwork guide for TV 2 Go counter wrap

Artwork guide for high-top TV 2 Go stretch counter wrap

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Prices do not include GST and freight

Most popular options:
Printed backdrop panel for TV 2 Go

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