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Creating products and solutions for a COVID world

When life gives you lemons, then it’s time to make lemonade. In fact, better still Gin and Tonics. 

That’s exactly what the team here at Displays 2 Go faced, as we entered into isolation as part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost overnight the events industry disappeared, and there are few who know what it will look like when it comes back. 

“We realised that we had the core in-house skills to turn what appeared to be a nightmare situation into a situation filled with opportunity and more importantly a situation where we could make a valuable and worthwhile contribution.”

Displays 2 Go is made up of a team of designers, producers and salespeople. With experience in creating branded engagement campaigns and display materials, the team were well placed to consider ways of communicating COVID-19 and helping people and businesses to avoid it. 

Historically the company has been all about selling client products by delivering high impact messaging. 

“Suddenly the tune changed. We invested hundreds of hours into research and development of a range of products that focused on protecting our clients’ customers and staff from the pandemic.”

The tactic worked. Out-the-box thinking meant the company still survives today, better and wiser than before. As the country comes out of isolation, we will be at the very heart of helping to get the economy firing again. 

“Through innovative display, we will help clients to make certain their customers know the doors are open for business again!”

Sanitation Stations

The small, experienced team has designed some touch-free portable hand sanitisation stands that come as a complete unit (with the sanitiser in the unit ready to go) and can be used at the entrances of nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, apartment blocks, doctor’s surgeries, supermarkets etc. For more details, contact one of the Displays 2 Go team today.

Work From Home Desks

We developed some temporary work desks, as soon as the country started to work from home because we heard that many stores had run out of desk furniture.  Our desks can be disassembled when not in use and have been designed to fit under a bed for easy storage, so they’re perfect for when space is tight.

So far from lemons, the flexible team at Displays 2 Go have found a way to adapt and overcome. The business pivoted as it needed to. It’s a reflection of the strategic and creative thinking that’s inherent within the company. 

Need some clever thinking?

If you would like to bring this same fast-thinking can-do attitude to your own company or projects, then please chat with us on 1300 240 250.