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How to get Woolworths back on track

Having worked in the grocery retail industry for a number of years, I’ve seen plenty of change and plenty of things stay just the same. 

Will discounters like Aldi rule in Oz?

Over the past few years discounters like Aldi have had a major impact on the Australian grocery retail sector. The latest survey by UBS/AFGC estimated that Woolworths and Coles collectively lost more than $500m in sales to Aldi in the last financial year.

Brand Ambassadors or Sales Generators?

Brand ambassadors have primarily been used for in-store sampling to increase brand awareness and drive sales but are they still important and has their role changed?

How do you define good food?

The Good Food and Wine show is fast approaching the shores of Australia, with shows across the country starting in Melbourne next month. It’s always a well attended show with lots of brands showcasing their products.

Will Australia follow the UK in the grocery price war?

The price wars in the UK have been ongoing for the past few years and market dynamics have changed the way supermarkets run.

The Superwall Display System has arrived.

Our new SuperWall Display System sets the benchmark in flexibility and portability. Finally, create the stand YOU want and imagined without the constraints of a modular system and magnetic graphic panels.

Stepping into the light

When marketing a product, 93% of consumers place visual appearance as one of the most important factors when shopping*. With this in mind, it is crucial that whatever you’re trying to sell or present is well lit and attracts attention.

Fifty Shades of Grey – SuperSexy

It’s hot, it’s steamy and it’s like nothing you have seen before!

In short, it’s truly massive.

New Product Launch

There are many ways to launch a new product into the marketplace and businesses do it every day, but only a small proportion are successful. What steps can you take to increase your chances of success and make a greater impact in the marketplace?


Supermarket sampling is a fantastic way to gain product trial and sales, because it happens right at the point of purchase.