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Counter Top Prize Wheels

These prize wheels are off-the-shelf from our warehouse, meaning they are ready to go today.

These wheels have 14 segments of different colours. Prizes can be listed on the wheels either with a white-board marker on the front face, or sliding a graphic into the clear pocket behind. 

Being an off-the-shelf solution this style cannot be customised. If you need a customised solution with a different number of segments or other functionality, check out our range of custom built prize wheels.

These wheels are supplied as a flat-pack and take approximately 5 minutes to assemble when using for the first time.

(Includes: Flat-pack prize wheel with 14 segments)

$144.00 ex-GST
Prices do not include GST and freight
Prize wheel, counter top, standard

To add custom features or for help with your requirements, click the 'Enquire Now' button or call 1300 240 250.

Enquire about the Counter Top Prize Wheels

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