Don’t look back in anger

In today’s world we all want quick and easy wins, and the exhibition display world is no different.  Most exhibition stands are now easy to assemble and you can even fit them in your car.  Don’t believe me?  Then you need to read on.

Gone are the days when you had to organise a van to come and collect your 30kg stand from the office and deliver it to the exhibition hall.  These days, using lightweight aluminium and fabric panels means it can all fit into one small case and on the front seat of your car!

So how have traditional displays changed in the last few years?

Pop-Up Walls

images-10So-called traditional displays are considered to be spider frame stands with laminated drop panels.  Let’s be honest: They’re a nightmare to assemble and hang!  Who remembers these scenarios:

  • Trying to line up the panels so they are straight
  • Trying to carry the cumbersome panels without knocking the corners
  • Trying to roll up the panels so they don’t become cracked and damaged
  • Finding that panels have been scuffed when dismantling the stand

When the stand is constructed and looking it’s best you need to ensure that all the images are aligned and that the seams are pushed together.  This is not always easy, especially as the laminated panels reflect light, making the seams more prominent.  Of course there is a plus side: If you get all the construction right then these traditional displays are very impressive and the graphic quality is spectacular but most people don’t have the time or experience to do this any more.  So here’s what the new generation can offer you.

Introducing the SuperWall, a portable display solution that is lightweight, easy to use and as effective as traditional displays.  So what’s it all about?

trade-show-backdropThe SuperWall comes in different sizes and shapes but essentially it is made from an aluminium snap lock frame that can be constructed in minutes, not hours!  A fabric graphic sleeve slides over the frame like a pillowcase and presents superbly.  There are no seams to line up or worry about and the big difference is that the print quality on the fabric is stunning.  Watch our video to see how easy it really is.

Using fabric allows the user to access print technology known as dye sublimation, which can deliver extraordinarily vibrant, impactful graphic reproduction.  It’s perfect for throwing in your washing machine as the inks are permanently part of the fabric, making it both colour fast and colour safe.  Dye sublimation uses water-based inks, and fabrics are up to 90% recycled, making it one of the most eco-friendly display solutions available.

Exhibition Wall Graphics

_iKOU fabric Graphics 2 Go and portable plinths 2Exhibition wall graphics are a cost effective and important part of your display and if they are not presented professionally then you may as well pack up and go home.  Past wall graphics were either a combination of rolling panels that had to be linked up to form a picture or a number of folding laminated panels that made one large image.  They took up a lot of space and were not only hard to transport but also hard to handle – especially 5’4″ and wearing heels!

In today’s display arena we can offer you a one piece graphic that simply Velcros to your existing wall, whether carpeted or smooth.  It pulls tight giving a nice flat stunning image with no seams!



Sales Tables and Plinths

1369604175Sales tables and plinths are often used for exhibitions and product sampling in supermarkets or shopping malls.  The old style version was made from either timber or polystyrene.  Either way they were bulky to move around and often hard to assemble.

Today these tables come in an array of sizes, depending on your needs, so if you require a small compact work area or a larger table to cook on, there are different models to fit your needs.  Each plinth weighs just a few kilos, but will support over 70kg in weight themselves.  They fold flat for easy storage and transportation and require no tools to assemble. You can easily add a customised finish with your logo, graphics or corporate colours.

So, if you need to upgrade your exhibition stands or sales tables then ask about these new generation portable products and give them a go.  You will never look back.