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How do you define good food?

The Good Food and Wine show is fast approaching the Good food and wine showshores of Australia, with shows across the country starting in Melbourne next month. It’s always a well attended show with lots of brands showcasing their products. There are streams of consumers all wanting to learn about the next best thing, and of course try all the free samples.

But how do you define good food? The food show has released an article entitled “Inglorious Vege,” dealing specifically with the topic of visual imperfections in our fruit and vegetables.  It’s been a hot topic among grocery retailers since late last year. But what are your thoughts on the topic of “The Odd Bunch?”

If you have not heard about this, it is a campaign we first saw in Harris Farm Markets in the middle of last year. The concept is to take take all the ‘ugly’ fruit and veg, the odd shaped carrot, the knobbly apple and the oval tomato and sell it at discounted prices in a separate space in store. Harris calls it their “Imperfect Picks” and Woolworths “The Odd Bunch”. We think it’s a fantastic initiative seeing as over 25%-40% of fresh produce in Australia is rejected by retailers for not looking ‘perfect’!Displays 2 Go - Woolworths Odd Bunch Blog

If you were asked at the show to taste two raw carrots – one that looked perfect and one that came from “The Odd Bunch” – which one would you select?  If your answer is the perfect looking one then you are probably in the majority. The fact is, they both taste the same and have the same nutritional value, but you’ll probably get more bang for your buck with the ‘Odd Bunch” because they are cheaper! So next time you come to choose your veg at the grocery store, have a look out for the “imperfection section” and do your bit to reduce food wastage.

The hype about food choices is at all-time highs right now.  Whether it’s wobbly carrots, gluten free options or paleo diets, getting in front of the consumer is key. Being present and informing consumers about what ingredients you use in your range has never been more important. Make sure you have everything you need to draw in the customers at the Food Show this year and ensure your stand looks its best.Displays 2 Go _ Paleo

At Displays 2 Go we have a range of products to help you. Choose from a high impact SuperWall or a demonstration table to show off your products. You could even have a custom designed sampling tray made up, so when your stand gets too crowded you can have a mobile unit circling the crowds. Give us a call and we can help you get the most out of the show.


The Superwall Display System has arrived.

Brandstand NZ - Superwall

Our new SuperWall Display System sets the benchmark in flexibility and portability. Finally, create the stand YOU want and imagined without the constraints of a modular system and magnetic graphic panels. Now you can have any shape you want, any height you want and any graphics you want. All your display needs can be catered for in one system.

The SuperWall display system is changing the way we build and create display stands. Remember how you used to have to match up the panels on your display walls to get them all straight? No longer necessary. Remember how you used to worry about scuffing your panels and how expensive they were to replace and keep clean? No longer an issue.

Remember how you used to have to work your design into the panel system you were buying, and when you turned up at a conference, all the others stands looked similar? Not any more. We ‘re so confident in the construction of these stands that they all come with a 5 year hardware warranty.

Brandstand NZ - Superwall Exhibition stand

5 Reasons to Choose the SuperWall Display System

There are 5 reasons why the SuperWall Display System is the sensible choice.

Brandstand NZ - Superwall Iconsuper lightweight

The future of large affordable marketing displays is here.

The SuperWall Display System is built with simple and lightweight aluminium tubing that’s incredibly strong. It’s also a snap lock system so no need to drag your tool box with you! Over the top of the tubing goes a wrinkle resistant polyester fabric graphic print. This is unobtrusively zipped into place in order to get tension all around the fabric. The end result is a smooth, wrinkle free look that really stands out from the crowd.

All the display elements are supplied in a heavy duty bag, so it’s easy to transport and simple to keep all the parts together. And if you trade up to a hard shipping case, the case actually doubles as a branded podium too!

Being so lightweight also means these display stands are unbelievably easy to put up and dismantle. It only takes a few minutes to snap together the frame and then pull over the fabric sleeve.

In the old days your spider frame magnetic display wall weighed around 40kg, but with the new SuperWall Display System, that’s more like 10kg! That means cheaper freight, easier installation, and a whole lot less stress!

Brandstand NZ - Iconsinterchangeable machine washable fabric graphics

Get that brand new look every time.

The SuperWall Display System uses durable fabric graphics that can be washed after every use; they’ll still look fresh and new, even after many uses. Just pull the fabric out of the bag and throw it in the washing machine on a cold wash. Or better still, take it down to the laundrette for a service wash!

Brandstand NZ - Iconsenvironmentally friendly 

Exhibition and eco friendly

Be happy that the system you’ve chosen is as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • it’s lightweight and easily transportable, cutting down on freight costs and your carbon footprint
  • it’s printed using a dye-sublimation process, which is recognised globally as the most eco-friendly printing process
  • it’s washable and re-usable year after year, so your small carbon footprint is at least spread over years of use
  • you can light up your stand with energy-efficient LED lights

Brandstand NZ - Superwall Iconflexible & modular system

A solution for all your needs.

In the past your imagination tended to be constrained by modular display systems, but those days are gone. Our new SuperWall Display System features both off-the-shelf and custom options, so you can create anything you like. We simply cut and bend the aluminium framing to the shape you need, then cut and sew the fabric to that shape, before printing your graphics. Take a look at some of our recent case studies to see the limitless possibilities.

We have a huge range of off-the-shelf fabric components and options that can be adapted to suit, so it’s easy to find the right solution.

  • various wall sizes and shapes
  • various counter sizes and shapes
  • single or double sided print options
  • various LED lighting options
  • storage case options which double as counters or podiums
  • multimedia display options, with integrated TV mounts and iPad display options

Our fabric graphics panels can all be printed on both sides, so no need for your stand to be shy and stand against a wall! Enjoy the freedom of exhibiting in the best areas, not merely the areas that are constrained by your stand design.

We all know things change over time, so when you need to change out some of the graphics, we simply print a new fabric, ready to fit over your existing framing. It’s a really cost effective way to invest in a stand, but keep the content up to date and fresh.

Brandstand NZ - Superwall Iconhigh impact graphics

You want your display stand to stop people in their tracks.  You want it to make an impact. The new SuperWall Display System is one of the most dynamic displays we’ve ever seen, and here’s why:

  • the panels and walls can be made very tall, so you can own your stand space
  • we have the option to use flat or curved walls, or even create a bespoke finish, so you can fit into your space effectively but also differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • all the stand elements you use are consistent in look and feel, so the overall effect is stunning
  • the fabric printing process we use is simply incredible, so your message really ‘pops’
  • the choice of lighting options mean we can deal with even the trickiest of venues

The Choice is yours.

The SuperWall Display system consists of an incredible range of items, shapes and sizes. Take for instance our Display Walls. You have the following options available to you:

Corners – choose from curved or square corners

Top – choose from curved or straight top edges

Shape – choose from S-shaped, concave, convex, extra long, or simply straight.

If we look at complete exhibition solutions, you can choose from a vast array of set-ups and accessories. One solution provides many options because various modules that make up the full stand can be used in various ways.

The SuperWall system comes with perhaps Australia’s widest array of accessories, allowing you to build and integrate all the elements you need into your stand. Or relax in the knowledge that you can continue to invest in and grow your stand over time, as your needs change, using a system that is consistent throughout all elements.

Just Imagine. A truly CUSTOM display.

The SuperWall System lends itself to bespoke creations. We can cut fabric and bend aluminium to create a very personalised, bespoke display, whilst still keeping it incredibly lightweight and easy to transport.

With the SuperWall Display System we can create almost anything. So talk to us, show us what you’re after, and we’ll deliver it; on budget, on time and just as you imagined it.

It’s a simple journey, but an important one to get right.

first | We listen, and talk, and listen some more. It’s important to fully understand what it is your thinking of and what it is you’re trying to do with your display stand.

second | We brief our designers so that we can take all those words and turn them into a picture, because we all know that a picture speaks a thousand words. We work with some amazing 3D designers to create our display and exhibition stands, because it’s important to understand the movement of people through the stand and the journey they are being taken on. 3D designers understand lighting, engineering and functionality, in ways that graphic designers often don’t.

third | We project manage the production and the artwork, keeping it all on time AND within budget.

We’d love to show you our displays and demonstrate just how amazing they are.

Call us now on 1300 240 250.

Fifty Shades of Grey – SuperSexy

It’s hot, it’s steamy and it’s like nothing you have seen before!

In short, it’s truly massive.

Displays 2 Go - SuperWall

Mr Grey has become a common fantasy in most households around the world but who would have thought a fabric image could look so real. The 10m wide x 2.9m high curved SuperWall in the Byron Kennedy Hall at Fox Studios looked stunning for the Australian premiere of 50 Shades of Grey in February this year.  Well done to The Event Department for an outstanding result!

At Displays 2 Go we have had many orders for our fabric displays systems, but this is one of the largest SuperWalls we have constructed to date. They are so versatile that we can ‘whip’ up any size or shape. The SuperWall frame is constructed with aluminium poles and then a printed fabric sleeve slips over the top of the frame and is secured at the bottom with a zip. The end result: an image that most women would die for!!

SuperWalls are also super lightweight making it easy to move around from place to place. The high impact graphics are interchangeable and washable so they always look vibrant and new.

Take a look at these pics to see the construction:

Displays 2 Go - SuperWallThe frame was constructed first.

Then the fabric sleeve is placed over the top starting at one end.

Displays 2 Go _ SuperWall

The fabric is fed along the frame.

Displays 2 Go - SuperWall

Secured at the bottom with a zip giving a crease free look.

Displays 2 Go _ SuperWall

Too sexy! Who would believe that it was fabric?

Check out more pics of the event with the celebs here.

Displays 2 Go - SuperWall

If you would like to know more about the range of SuperWalls then give us a call or check out our website for more details.

Fabric Displays – Can you tell the difference?

fabric_1Fabric display systems not only set the benchmark in flexibility and portability but give an exceptional finished appearance that is second to none.

Fabric displays have been used at the majority of trade shows in the US and Europe for many years. It’s fair to say that in the Southern Hemisphere we’ve been a little slow to take up this wonderful technology, but we have certainly caught up now and the industry has seen an explosion of ideas and design concepts.

At Displays 2 Go we believe the concept represents a genuine revolution in portable display and we would like to share with you the key benefits.


Who needs an exhibition stand that is heavy and cumbersome to move, takes hours to put up with boards and panels and comes with a book of instructions? No thanks! As an example of the new wave of portable displays, our SuperWall is built with simple, light weight aluminium tubing that’s incredibly strong. It’s also a snap lock system that folds up into a bag and is easily transportable. The fabric graphic slides over like a pillow case and presents superbly.  You can throw it in the back of your car or take it on the plane as carry-on luggage. Watch this video to see how easy it is to construct.


Mainland Cheese RoadshowBeing fabric means the graphics do not need to be printed onto separate board or panels.  Instead, a huge graphic can be printed and supplied in one large piece – with no seams!  Anyone with experience in exhibitions or visual merchandising will tell you how time consuming and cumbersome it can be trying to line up separate graphic pieces to achieve a seamless display.


Light Reflection

You arrive at the exhibition show and are quickly taken to your spot which is right next to a bright sunny window. Your initial thoughts are “great, some fresh air” but as you start setting up you realise that you cannot even read the company logo due to the light reflecting off your stand! Well, luckily this is not the case anymore as fabric displays have the added benefit of minimal reflection of lights and camera flashes so they are very versatile and can be positioned in a greater variety of environments than traditional stands.


Re-skinning an existing fabric display is simple to do and very cost effective. Simply unzip or otherwise release the original fabric and replace with a new skin, keeping your content up to date and fresh. You can even print different messages on each side, so no need for your stand to be shy and pushed against a wall; enjoy the freedom of exhibiting in the best areas, not merely the areas that are suitable for your stand.

Weird and Wonderful Shapes

funky fabric structure 1The beauty of fabric displays is that they can be used in all manner of shapes and sizes, from portable plinths, to tables, and other massive display structures.  They can even be used to disguise unsightly hardware you may need to hire for an event. If you have an unusual shape that needs branding, then Lycra fabric could be the way to go – its stretchiness and ease-of-use means it can be cut-to-size and wrapped around almost anything.


Print Quality and Colour

D2G - Dye Sublimation2Using fabric allows the user to access print technology known as dye sublimation, which can deliver extraordinarily vibrant, impactful graphic reproduction. It’s perfect for throwing in your washing machine as the inks are permanently part of the fabric, making it both colour fast and colour safe. Dye sublimation uses water-based inks, and fabrics are up to 90% recycled, making it one of the most eco-friendly display solutions available.


When products leave our production workshop we know they may need to withstand some harsh treatment, and that’s where fabric can be your friend. It will not peel, scratch or dent in the same way traditional graphics can, meaning it can withstand a high level of mistreatment from your staff or freight forwarders without compromising the finish of your display.

Love Lycra!D2G - Cyclists

Most people have a pre-conceived notion when it comes to the the word LYCRA, but this is simply way off the mark these days.  Sure, cyclists in Lycra don’t necessarily show off the fabric to greatest effect but portable displays in Lycra are another matter entirely, and the colour reproduction on this fabric can be stunning. Our Lycra skins are designed to slide over our range of pedestals, portable tables and towers, giving our clients the flexibility to change the graphics on-site and in seconds! Lycra is not only stretchy and very hard wearing, but it’s very easy to use and gives an exceptional finished appearance.  It’s so good that you probably would not be able to tell the difference between traditional display boards and a Lycra display. Take a look below – which one do you think is Lycra?



Marketing in Shopping Malls.

D2G - shopping mallsShopping malls are a very effective place to market your brand. They allow you to interact with customers on an engaging level while they are in the spending mindset. Whether it’s sampling, display, promotions or branding, experiential marketing is a powerful platform for reaching your customers. It allows you to choose where and when you will market and capitalise on successful retail periods, such as school holidays, Christmas, Mothers Day and more. Being indoor spaces, they’re also not weather dependant.

Many of the shopping centres are able to supply profiles of their shoppers so you can gain a greater understanding of their foot traffic enabling you to target your campaign more effectively. They can also give you seasonal trends which can help you plan the best time to promote your product.

At Displays 2 Go we have been providing companies with the tools and display stands to enable brands to give customers an unforgettable experience in shopping malls throughout Australia for over 7 years, so we thought we would share some of our tips and tricks with you.

Tip #1

Know your goal, and what you want to get out of the activation. Is it brand awareness, sales, new product trial or giveaway? Pick one and then deliver on it. The whole design of your stand should differ based on what you choose because each option requires a different motivation and a different focus.

Tip #2

D2G - FREEEngage your customer. You need to attract their attention and get them to stop at your stand, so what’s going to be your carrot? Your brand is suddenly competing for attention amongst hundreds of shops with their amazing shop windows so determine how you can differentiate yourselves!  Will your stand be intriguing, is it offering something new or different? We are all time poor these days so make sure there is something in it for the consumer; a small sample is often not enough so be generous with your product. Schwarzkopf recently promoted their new Salon range and were giving away full size bottles of shampoo and conditioner. There were queues at every stand and people were prepared to wait for their free product!

Tip #3

D2G - ipadTechnology is so dominant in our world it cannot be ignored. Mobile devices are always at hand, so ensure your stand is as interactive as possible. Stands can be designed to include an iPad counter or display, making it easy to capture data about your customers or simply have a QR code to scan with a promotion attached. Multi media displays and free WIFI also draw people in, especially if your target market is the younger generation.

Tip #4

Design and flow is a key factor when it comes to malls – so make sure you work with people who understand your concept. Designers need to consider the location of the stand, along with an understanding of the mall itself, and the shopper flow patterns. Once this is understood then a great 3d stand can be created which will give you the flow you require, enabling key messages to be read or experienced at the right time. Ensure your calls to action are visible to all potential customers from all directions, which can often mean taking advantage of double-sided graphics on your display collateral.

Tip #5

D2G - Superwall shopping centre height 1.95m wide  (2) copyStand Materials and products have changed a lot in the past 5 years. They are not only more impactful with the colour saturation and vibrancy of fabric displays, but they have also become easier to assemble and transport. The Superwall is  becoming a must-have in many clients’ stand portfolios due to its clean lines and ease of graphics changeover. Take a look at our range of demonstration tables, not only available in many shapes and sizes but also constructed from a multitude of materials, depending on usage requirements.


Tip #6

Staffing is often as important as the product on your stand, so make sure you have the right people for the job. Think about your brand’s target market then make sure the people on your stand are credible and believable. Will a 40 year old working Mum really believe what a 20 year old guy has to say about the latest washing powder?

Tip #7

D2G - SafetyKnow the rules.  Every establishment has rules and malls are no exception. When your activation is a success you want to be able to go back and lease space again, so abiding by their rules and those of OHS is imperative. They also have to be fair to all retailers that lease space in the mall, so try and understand that it’s not just about you. Of course, you want your stand to be the biggest and the tallest and the BEST, and it will be BUT all within the guidelines. Height restrictions are put in place for safety and security, and also because mall customers should be able to see retailers’ shop signage at all times.

Tip #8

D2G - OHSOHS regulations are there for a reason so make sure your staff understand these and are accredited to work in a mall. During the brand’s installation be sure that those doing the work understand the law and trust that they will be courteous to shoppers. As soon as your brand can be seen, those around it acting in an official capacity are naturally associated with the brand.


Tip #9

Capture the moment. We have all got cameras on our phones and iPads but getting a good photographer to come down to your activation and capture those smiles on camera is well worth the investment. Video footage and stills make great content for your social media, your PR department, your sales teams and of course your boss!

Eco Friendly Exhibiting

D2G - ecofriendlyGone are the days when an exhibition stand was for one event and one event only, thanks to forward-thinking stand design companies most stands are now built to last. In the past it was not uncommon for companies to build bespoke stands that were solely designed for one exhibition. The whole lot would end up in the skip after the show.

Here at Displays 2 Go we are all about reusable stands whether its a custom built stand that has been designed for a programme of events or a modular stand which can be used in a variety of ways. We even have a webpage dedicated to such products Eco Friendly Products!

Here are some top tips for being more sustainable at your next exhibition

Tip #1 | Choose a long lasting modular stand

Modular stands have come on in leaps and bounds, no longer are they boxy and uninspiring; they now offer a combination of elements which are made from recyclable aluminium and often use fabric displays such as our Curved Display Wall that are much friendlier on the environment. They are easily customised and can be updated with additional banners or graphics. Choosing a modular display means you can add or remove components to suit the look and feel, and available space, at the different exhibitions you’ll attend.

Tip #2 | Graphics Printing

Make sure the graphics printing is ‘dye sublimated’. Not only does this process create more realistic, more impactful graphics, but the process is also more eco-friendly because it uses heat to vaporise the dye and  permeate the surface it is covering.D2G - Dye Sublimation

There are no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which are often associated with solvent printing and the inks are water-based. This infusion also means the dye fades much less than in other processes. So basically, it’s a win win situation!

Tip #3 | Replacement Graphics

Choose displays that can be re-skinned with replacement graphics. This provides the opportunity to replace any or all of your graphics as many times as you wish, without the need to replace expensive stand hardware. You can even try to use double-sided graphics where possible, if you anticipate using different graphics for different shows.  This allows you to simply flip your graphics around to show the alternative message on the reverse side. Check out how easy it is to do this with our Portable Plinths and SuperWalls.

Tip #4 |Stand Waste

recysling bins

Think about the waste you will create on your stand and how it is disposed of. In the past, all the packaging, such as bubble wrap and cardboard was thrown into a general purpose skip. Now venues supply different skips for different materials. If you are serving refreshments, consider eco friendly cups and disposable  bamboo plates. Everyone likes to feel they are doing their bit for the environment so why not get that message across to potential clients.

Tip #5 | Lights

We all know what a difference good lighting can make, but consider LED and low energy lighting solutions which not only deliver great effects but also suck less juice. This means your stand requires less load, and the event electrician will have a smile on their face!

D2g - QR CodesTip #6 | Marketing Material Marketing techniques are changing, gone are the days when you needed a shopping bag and a shoulder of steel to carry all the brochures around from the exhibition. Today, it is more common to give a brief marketing flyer with a scannable QR code or ask someone to enter their details on a tablet to receive more information. If you must use leaflets, then print on eco-friendly stock wherever possible.

Tip #7 |  Staff UniformsD2G - unfiform

It’s easy to forget about the uniforms that your stand staff might be wearing. Try to source eco-friendly gear that uses natural fibres. And if it’s being printed, consider the process used. It may be better to embroider, which is kinder on the environment, lasts longer and often looks a little more ‘premium’.

Tip #8 | Freight

The new fabric exhibition systems are light and can be packed down into small bags, making it easy for staff to transport the stands in their own cars rather than adding a freight truck into the mix.

Tip #9 | Car Pool No doubt you have various people working on your stand. Encourage car pooling by limiting the number of parking passes you give out. Less cars on the road, less fuel – it’s all good.D2G car Pool