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Recycling Program for Pull-Up Banner Stands

Australia generates roughly 50 million tonnes of waste a year, and around 50-60% of this is recycled. One of the many environmentally-conscious activities we take here at Displays 2 Go is to run a pull-up banner stand recycling program.

The program is a simple concept that helps keep banner stands out of landfill around Australia. We simply re-purpose your old stand and fit a new banner – too easy!

How does recycling my old banner stand work?

We have made the whole process really easy for you:

  1. We are not precious about whether your banner stand originally came from us or not, so just send in your old stand and we can organise the rest.
  2. We will remove the old banner image.
  3. We will check and print the new artwork.
  4. We will fit the new banner to your original banner stand cassette and put it in a carry bag for you. Hey presto; you have a new impactful banner stand!

How much will it cost?

Why should I recycle my banner stand?

There are three main reasons why you should look at recycling your old banner stand:

  • Save Money – a large portion of the cost on any pull-up banner stand is the hardware, so by only replacing the printed part of the stand you are going to save money.
  • Reduce Landfill – in this throw-away society, it’s often too easy to “just buy a new one” but do you really need to? Make a contribution to the environment by helping reduce landfill!
  • New Message – if you’ve purchased a decent piece of banner stand hardware, the only thing that needs replacing on your banner stand is the actual banner image. You can do this time and again, with a brand new banner every time.

If you are interested in recycling your banner stand then please drop us a line at or give us call on 1300 240 250

SCentre pushes clients to a new style of banner

If you have ever run a marketing or sampling campaign in any of the SCentre’s (formerly Westfield) then you will be aware that there are certain rules that you must adhere to. This is standard, and something as marketeers we accept and understand.

Why have rules?

The rules are set to protect the stores in the centre and to ensure that the display setup is to a certain agreed standard and will not harm any of the general public – the mall must take responsibility for health and safety within its buildings.

This may all seem like common sense, but as technology advances in the display industry so do the products.
The NEW Blade Stand.

SCentre has decided to create a new standard around display collateral, pushing clients from old, out-dated pull-up banners towards the new style of banner that is called the Blade Stand. Using these new banner stands throughout their malls creates a more premium feel and a more consistent image. These banner stands are more stable than a traditional pull-up banner thanks to their low centre of gravity, so are loved by shopping centres as they improve the safety of patrons.

The new Blade Stands feature a graphics printed on fabric, and can be printed on both sides to drive even greater impact by reaching the audience from multiple directions. Each stand can still be set up in minutes and the fabric graphic changed quickly – the fabric skins can even be put through a washing machine to ensure they consistently look like new.

With three different widths (600mm, 900mm, or 1200mm) available, you can be assured there is a size to match your needs. The slender 600mm wide stand is ideal where space is tight, whereas the 1200mm wide unit stops audiences in their tracks!

Why not take a look at our range and we can get you ready for your next mall campaign.

The power of visual impact

It’s clear that visual impact is still one of the most powerful ways to attract attention. Regardless of whether it’s a moving image on a device or whether it’s a graphic on a stand, we are all attracted to things that look good.

Looking good - Displays 2 go

And it’s no different when we come to market our company, ourselves or our products.  We all want our efforts to attract customers to consider our product and make a purchase. So, what is the best way to do this in today’s age where technology rules?  Is there still a place for display solutions such as banner stands and display walls?

The answer? Of course there is, otherwise we would need a lot fewer staff around here!  As with all things there are many ways to reach your target audience and, yes, social media is one of them, but there are still heaps of brands out there that need to provide an experience rather than just a static display.  Making an experience memorable can be greatly enhanced with the right display solutions.

Displays 2 Go - Mall display

Imagine this… you walk into your local grocery store and see a girl standing next to the chocolate aisle with what looks like a picnic table in front of her, and some samples. You are not even sure if she should be there and maybe the only reason you take notice is because she looks so out of place. You walk past, avoiding eye contact as you are not sure whether you will ‘qualify’ for a sample or not.

Now imagine this… you walk into the grocery store and see a girl resplendent in a branded uniform with a big display wall behind her and a branded demonstration table to her side containing chocolate samples. There is a crowd around her and she is talking to the customers about the new product. You walk past and wait to sample the chocolate as you want to know what all the fuss is about. You’re compelled to stop for fear of missing out!

Cadbury Demonstration Table - Displays 2 Go Cadbury Demo Table - Displays 2 go

There you have it… the impact of a branded display has not only attracted your attention but it has confirmed that this is a free sampling exercise by a branded company and you actually took time out to try it. The display has worked it’s magic by efficiently and effectively drawing you in and then supplying you with an experience that your eyes and taste buds appreciated and will remember!   

The above scenario illustrates how and why having the right equipment and graphics not only helps to promote your product/company but gives you the facility to get certain messages across in a way that enhances your professional image.

So next time you need to make an impact, think about what people routinely see as they go about their business and how to grab their attention in ways that are anything but routine. Check out our huge array of display solutions at


Pull Up Banners – 3 of the best.

There are many names for these types of displays. Some people call them banners, banner stands, pop up banners and even pull up banner stands.  They are all basically the same thing and they all do an important job – grab attention, and quickly get your message across in an impactful way.

Bannerstands - Displays 2 Go

We have eight different types of banner stand on offer at Displays 2 Go, all varying in size and shape, but today we want to talk to you about our three most popular styles.

The Blade Stand

This stand is the very latest in banner stand technology. With a sleek and modern finish the Blade Stand is simple to assemble and easy to re-brand. The graphic is printed in a single piece and slides over the frame of the stand like a pillow case, zipping up at the base. This creates a clean, smooth finish with no visible frame, giving you maximum space to get your message across.  Take multiple graphics to your next event and swap them out to freshen your booth.

Not only is it easy to assemble but it is also highly portable and lightweight meaning that you can basically take it anywhere. Being fabric, the graphic is washable so it always looks like new.  The low sheen finish inhibits reflection and it’s double sided.

This style has become particularly popular with clients who need to regularly update their graphics, as replacing the graphic is as simple as posting out a new ‘skin’ to slide onto the existing frame.

Blade Stand - Displays 2 Go

The Premier Banner Stand

The Premier banner stand is still our most popular stand, due to its bullet-proof reliability and ease-of-use. It is ideally suited to conferences, trade-shows, road shows and retail outlets. What lifts this stand above the crowd of ‘look-a-like’ banners is the high-tensile steel retraction spring that runs the full width of the banner. This spring – the ‘heart’ of a pull-up banner – is what gives the banner its strength and longevity, and you peace of mind that the the hardware will not fail you when you need it most.  It’s what allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee on the hardware in the stand.

Displays 2 Go - Premier Banner StandThe Quickscreen Pull Up Stand

The Quickscreen is a highly portable screen weighing in at roughly 5kg (including printed banner). It has a full aluminium body and is super robust.  It is designed specifically for use in high traffic and/or outdoor conditions, with the addition of oversized fold-out feet to increase the footprint of the stand. This hardware has a spring-loaded pop up banner cassette which takes just seconds to erect, and it comes with the same Lifetime Hardware Guarantee as the Premier.

Displays 2 Go - Quickscreen Pop Up Banner

So there you have it, three highly effective portable displays solutions that take minutes to erect and are guaranteed to make an impact. Take a look at our website for more details or give us a call on 1 300 240 250.

What are pop up & pull up banners?

Pop up banners, sometimes referred to as pull up banners or banner stands, are simple cost effective display solutions.

A long graphic sheet rolls up and down into a base unit. The unit can be easily transported and then the graphic rolled out from the base, when required, and held aloft.

Displays 2 Go - Pull-up BannersPull up banners are perfect for creating impact at any event because they’re inexpensive to buy and once up, provide high branding in a small amount of space. They work incredibly well, too, when more than one are placed together with complementary messaging. Because of the size, they can be used to fit any sized room and their portability means they can be placed anywhere.

These banner stands can be used outside or inside and are best placed in areas of high traffic flow to draw attention to your business, brand or service.

There are a number of types of pull up banners, with base units and graphic sheets made from differing materials. Prices vary dramatically but it’s often a case of “you get what you pay for”. At Displays 2 Go, we stock a wide range of these pull up banners, which you can see here. Our pop banners differ from many in that the build quality is far superior. They are commercial grade and designed to last. This explains why we sell our pull up banners with a lifetime warranty.

Anytime you wish to replace or update the graphics on a pull up banner bought from Displays 2 Go, then we’re there to print your artwork quickly and easily, because we have your original sale on our database – we know the size you require and can provide the level of service you should expect from one of Australia’s well known display companies.

So let’s explore the different kinds of pull up banners available from Displays 2 Go.

The PremierDisplays 2 Go - Premier Banner Stand

Our most popular banner stand is the Premier, because it’s commercial grade and comes with various options. Let’s see what makes it our biggest seller:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable padded bag
  • 4 width options – 500mm, 850mm, 1000mm and 1200mm
  • Any height option
  • Eco Skin option for actual banner, eliminating any curl and reflection
  • Easily replaceable banner
  • Lighting kit available

Displays 2 Go - Quickscreen Pop Up BannerThe Quickscreen Pop Up

This is a self retracting banner featuring extra wide fold away feet for maximum stability. Perfect for those high traffic areas. You can even choose a double sided stand offering two different messages.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Light and portable
  • Easy to store
  • Replacements graphics


Displays 2 Go - Express Roll Up BannerThe Express

When simplicity is key, then the Express is your solution. There’s very little hardware so the focus is all on your messaging, plus these can easily be placed side-by-side to create a cost effective display wall.

The Express is the lightest unit in the market, making it easy and cheap to freight around. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Lightest unit on the market
  • Comes with padded carry bag

Options Available:

  • Multiple heights and widths
  • Eco-friendly skin to reduce curl and reflection
  • Velcro receptive options for easier change outs
  • Hire options
  • Lighting kits

Displays 2 Go - Icon Display BannerThe Icon

All we can say about this one is WOW! If you want to stand out from the crowd then The Icon pop up banner stand is the best option available in the market. It’s a fabric banner stand available in 3 shapes and 2 heights. The fabric stretches over a light aluminium frame which comes with a 5 year warranty.

Unlike any of our other banner stands, The Icon can be printed both sides and therefore doesn’t need to be placed against a wall. It’s a super lightweight product supplied with a durable bag. The fabric skin can be machine washed to look perfect every time it’s used.


Options Available:

  • 3 shapes
  • 2 heights
  • Shelving options
  • Catalogue display options
  • Lighting kits


There are many, many banner stands on the market and many ‘deals’ to be had. We see many offers online and in our email inboxes. But we also hear about them from customers that thought they were getting a bargain. There are two potential issues with buying cheap:

  1. The hardware fails through poor manufacture/engineering
  2. The graphic skins reflect light badly or curls so the image on them fails to create any impact, or worse still it sends a negative message about your brand.

When you buy cheap from a ‘deal’ site, remember that it’s often hard to follow up and complain when the product breaks or disappoints. Often they’re simply interested in the sale, not the service. And this is where Displays 2 Go is different.


Most of our banner stands come with a lifetime warranty and have stood the test of time with thousands of happy customers. Our banner stands are offered with many, many options so that you get the perfect solution for your needs. With so many choices available on our shelves, we’re able to guide our customers to purchase the right solution, not simply the cheapest.