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Thinking outside the box.

When life gives you lemons, then it’s time to make lemonade. In fact, better still Gin and Tonics. 

That’s exactly what the team here at Displays 2 Go faced, as we entered into isolation as part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost overnight the events industry disappeared, and there are few who know what it will look like when it comes back. 

“We realised that we had the core in-house skills to turn what appeared to be a nightmare situation into a situation filled with opportunity and more importantly a situation where we could make a valuable and worthwhile contribution.”

Displays 2 Go is made up of a team of designers, producers and salespeople. With experience in creating branded engagement campaigns and display materials, the team were well placed to consider ways of communicating COVID-19 and helping people and businesses to avoid it. 

Historically the company has been all about selling client products by delivering high impact messaging. 

“Suddenly the tune changed. We invested hundreds of hours into research and development of a range of products that focused on protecting our clients’ customers and staff from the pandemic.”

The tactic worked. Out-the-box thinking meant the company still survives today, better and wiser than before. As the country comes out of isolation, we will be at the very heart of helping to get the economy firing again. 

“Through innovative display, we will help clients to make certain their customers know the doors are open for business again!”

Sanitation Stations

The small, experienced team has designed some touch-free portable hand sanitisation stands that come as a complete unit (with the sanitiser in the unit ready to go) and can be used at the entrances of nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, apartment blocks, doctor’s surgeries, supermarkets etc. For more details, contact one of the Displays 2 Go team today.

Work From Home Desks

We developed some temporary work desks, as soon as the country started to work from home because we heard that many stores had run out of desk furniture.  Our desks can be disassembled when not in use and have been designed to fit under a bed for easy storage, so they’re perfect for when space is tight.

So far from lemons, the flexible team at Displays 2 Go have found a way to adapt and overcome. The business pivoted as it needed to. It’s a reflection of the strategic and creative thinking that’s inherent within the company. 

Need some clever thinking?

If you would like to bring this same fast-thinking can-do attitude to your own company or projects, then please chat with us on 1300 240 250.

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The Importance of Signage for your Business

Nowadays, in such a competitive environment, successful, growing businesses need to think of a diverse number of marketing strategies in order to stand out from the crowd. 

Connecting your brand with consumers relies on more factors than ever before – and it’s about showing more than just your logo and products. Effective advertising gets to the very heart of your enterprise, visually relaying the exact message you want the world to see through websites, print advertising, social media – and your signage.

In a modern age where digital media is everything, signage can often get overlooked when advertising for businesses. However, traditional forms of signage can be as important and have as much impact as your website in terms of attracting new customers and building brand awareness. A survey by FedEx found that 76% of consumers entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs.

Here’s how using a range of signage can help your business.


Signs are an essential component of an overall marketing strategy. They draw attention to promotions and information about brands or products and can work as a silent salesperson for your business. Building brand awareness, new customer acquisition and repeated business are just some of the benefits to having quality signage as an advertising tool. Creative signage can be used to build a unique brand story, allowing consumers the chance to make a connection with your business before they even set foot in your store.

Year-Round Advertising

Sure, this depends on your location and whether your signage is indoor or outdoor, but signs advertise your business 24/7, 365 days a year. This provides a prominent, low-cost, low-effort advertising strategy no matter the time or day. Special thought should be given to how your signage looks after the sun goes down. Just because the office doors are closed, doesn’t mean you can’t utilise this time to effectively keep your brand front-of-mind with illuminated signs.

Different Types

There are a variety of sign types to give versatility in different locations. Outdoor signage such as footpath signs, flags and building signs can impact how a physical store performs and help draw attention to the locations of your business as well as differentiating it from surrounding businesses. Indoor signage and effective POS signs can help locate items within a store, advertise promotions, and lead to impulse purchases and increased sales or contact with consumers. Signs can be incredibly effective for off-premise use too. Whether you are running a campaign in a mall or promoting your business at an exhibition, a variety of different options of signage such as branded walls and lit-up brandframes can help increase brand awareness.

You can even mix the latest digital technology with your signage to create even more wow-factor in-store or at your promotional event.

Cost Effective

Signs are one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because once you have truly great signage, it’s all yours! Although they may require a significant initial investment, once the signs are installed they require little to no upkeep and could potentially advertise your business to thousands of consumers on a daily basis. 

Great design

Signs do so much more than just inform – consumers will make judgements based on the visual appeal  and quality of the signage. It’s important to work with talented designers to create the right look for your brand. Ensure your signs – no matter the size, shape or type – are creative and unique in order to attract consumers and be used to their full potential.

Contact us today for more information on how Displays 2 Go can help you with our range of attention-grabbing, multi-media signs.

Spin to Win Prize Wheels

Whether you are looking for a Spin to Win prize wheel, a free-standing chocolate wheel or a tabletop promotional wheel, you’ll find all these promo wheels right here at Displays 2 Go, and although it feels like they’ve been around forever, they’re still very popular and a big hit with customers. 

Sometimes, it’s the simple activations and promotions that win hearts and minds. 

Prize Wheel

Why are prize wheels so popular?

There is something undeniably enjoyable about spinning a prize wheel, hearing the clicker go round and the anticipation of where the wheel will stop. It’s a similar buzz to that found at the roulette table.

This is one of the reasons prize wheels are still so popular. They provide a focal point and make the drawing process an “event”. This is why a prize wheel and a sense of theatre go hand-in-hand, whether it’s a real-life floor standing Spin to Win wheel or something smaller, people still love the excitement and anticipation.

Are competition wheels still effective?

The simple answer to this question is YES. Spin to Win competition wheels are still very effective because being part of a game is a simple and effective way to engage with your audience. The audience wants to be part of it and because it’s a game where you wait and see what you might win, it triggers emotions and therefore increases excitement and anticipation – not just for the participant but for those watching too – it’s a shared experience.

It’s this engagement that enables customers to respond positively, and in turn can lead to a stronger brand relationship and increased loyalty, as opposed to just simply creating an awareness campaign.

Physical or Digital

Competition wheels can be physical or digital and used for any type of promotion. 

A digital wheel is often used to capture customers data or used as gamification for online purchases. A good example would be to receive a 10% or 20% coupon code off their online shop or to win a flight online. You’ve probably seen this promotion online when you have been shopping yourself, a simple way to get your email address in return for a spin of the wheel – it’s hard to resist, isn’t it?

A  physical version is much more about creating a sense of theatre and drawing in the crowds. For instance, if you were wanting to draw people onto your exhibition stand or you were launching a new product in a shopping mall then a large free-standing prize wheel with bright graphics would be the perfect option. If you were needing a more portable solution then a tabletop spin to win wheel might be a better choice. 

This is why we make our wheels with a nice, loud clicking function – prize wheels are synonymous with ACTION!

With a physical wheel, you are also able to operate an instant win where the winner takes away the prize, there and then. This not only creates additional noise and impact around your promotion but can also be seen by passers-by, once again creating interest and engagement.

Production Considerations

There is nothing that ruins a show or spectacle more than when things go wrong. A stuck wheel is no joke. Similarly, your Spin Wheel needs to be well balanced, as an audience never wants to think the competition is fixed. From a production perspective, these elements are actually quite complex. It’s certainly not a case of nailing a circle to a post and hoping for the best! 

Design and Build

If you are interested in having a prize wheel designed for your next promotion then get in touch as we design and build the prize wheels in our workshop and can come up with a solution just for YOU. We have developed many prize wheel for clients and brands throughout Australia, so we understand the requirements, know the watch-outs and have the skills to ensure your promotion goes without a hitch.

For more information head over to our website

Phone app

Are Exhibition Apps all they are cracked up to be?

The creation of exhibition apps are pretty much the norm these days for most large events but are they being used by attendees and do they give exhibitors a return on their investment? 

A new research study has found that 81% of companies that use event apps do so to engage with attendees. These apps are designed to aid the attendee, enabling them to gain access to information about the event and give them a better experience. In general apps include things like: 

  • Session times and speakers
  • Personalised agenda and calendar syncing
  • Maps and floor plans
  • Live polling and surveys
  • Networking tools
  • Push notifications

It all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But let’s dig a little deeper into the research before we jump to any conclusions.

Adoption rates for event apps

Looking at adoption rates of these apps the study indicates that 50-75% of attendees do use them but most attendees only download the app one day prior or on the actual day of the event. 

This is a little disheartening for event organisers as creating an app is not only costly but also takes up a lot of time and effort. When asked in the survey about how effective they thought the app was, an overwhelming 67% of organisers struggled to see any value in using the app once the event was over. 

Main reasons behind using apps.

The ‘ROI of Event Apps’ study found that 57% of organisers surveyed still believe it is worth using event apps, but mainly for larger events that gather more than 300 attendees. Given the evidence this seems surprising. Here are some of the main reasons behind using these apps:

  • Attendee engagement (81%)
  • Up to date info on event day or leading up to the event (57%)
  • Saving money on printed programmes (41%)
  • Driving traffic to sessions through push notifications (29%) 
  • Gathering data on attendee behaviour (21%) 
  • Attendees have come to expect an app (30%)

They also stated that apps bring value to events only when they successfully connect attendees to the right content and right people at the right time. This is not always easy to do as data transfers between apps and event management systems can be problematic.

Delivering a ROI

Looking at all these facts it is easy to see that apps are expected for large events and that they are seen as an added benefit to the attendee. But for the organisers of the event they are somewhat of a headache. It appears that they do increase attendee engagement and they do deliver a better customer experience but do they deliver a good enough ROI? The jury is still out on this one…

Trends in exhibition stands

The latest trends in exhibition stand design

Designing an exhibition stand should be a moment to have some fun and certainly an opportunity to get excited about branding and brand experience. This is your opportunity to shine, to attract customers, and to ultimately sell your products or services. 

Whether the stand is looking for lead generation, reconnecting with clients, raising brand awareness or launching a new product, a key factor is stand design.

Some of the latest exhibition stand designs are governed by new products in the marketplace and by changing trends in technology. So it’s important to keep in touch with what is going on in the industry as well as understanding the target audience you are wanting to attract.

It’s important to remember that you can no longer differentiate between trade and consumer shows – every visitor ultimately is a consumer in today’s marketplace and we have to make it worth their while to attend.

This is where engagement plays a major role.

Technology on exhibition stands

Technology is being incorporated into exhibition stands now in ways that we have never seen before. The use of interactive apps, facial recognition hardware, robots, 3D printing and mixed reality, whereby pointing your phone at a product on the stand delivers an immersive digital experience, are just a few of the latest trends. These are fantastic ways for exhibitors to engage their audience and become the talking point of the show.

Photostand on an exhibition stand gives instant interactivity.

But along with technology has been the growth of social media, probably one of the biggest changes in the last few years – this really has become a game-changer. Social media sites are easy to set up, inexpensive to run and when used properly can have an immediate impact on an exhibitor’s business. Use them throughout the year to let your followers [customers] know what shows you will be attending, even specifying the hall and stand number. Why not create some buzz around the design of your stand and what they can expect – everyone loves a bit of hype!  

Colour attracts attention

Colour always plays a large role in exhibition stands but gone are the days when 80 per cent of the stands at an event were blue and white! Many companies are now prepared to introduce bright tones, a variety of finishes from natural, wood, stone, concrete or even grass to bring an element of fun or a more sophisticated look and feel. The use of digital fabric print now allows us to produce large scale graphics that have vivid colour and a seamless finish, and by adding an LED light behind the fabric it can really give the stand a WOW factor that pops.

Astro Logitech Stand

LED Lighting at exhibitions

LED lighting and tiles have also had an amazing impact on the exhibition industry – we can now offer more subtle lighting effects on the stand drawing the customers’ eye to certain aspects or highlighting the company name in an effective way.

The cost of lightboxes has dramatically reduced and the introduction of new products to light up displays such as illuminated banner stands and walls are now becoming commonplace. We are also seeing down-lighting and LED tiles appearing allowing exhibition stands to have huge video walls at a fraction of the cost. 

Furniture on stands

Be sure to give good consideration to your stand furniture. Eames chairs are very on-trend this season and can bring a touch of class to any stand, but there are also a lot of designer pieces now available for hire which is refreshing. However, it’s important for exhibitors to understand what they are looking to achieve from the stand before they choose their seating. If the goal is to have a short meet-and-greet they shouldn’t make the seating too comfortable – it is easier to get somebody onto a stand than off again!

As with all trends, the main objective is getting the balance right and the stand to work for exhibitors and their brands. If you need any help or advice on new products in the exhibition industry then why not visit our showroom; we are always happy to help!

Bannerstands - Displays 2 Go

Recycling Program for Pull-Up Banner Stands

Australia generates roughly 50 million tonnes of waste a year, and around 50-60% of this is recycled. One of the many environmentally-conscious activities we take here at Displays 2 Go is to run a pull-up banner stand recycling program.

The program is a simple concept that helps keep banner stands out of landfill around Australia. We simply re-purpose your old stand and fit a new banner – too easy!

How does recycling my old banner stand work?

We have made the whole process really easy for you:

  1. We are not precious about whether your banner stand originally came from us or not, so just send in your old stand and we can organise the rest.
  2. We will remove the old banner image.
  3. We will check and print the new artwork.
  4. We will fit the new banner to your original banner stand cassette and put it in a carry bag for you. Hey presto; you have a new impactful banner stand!

How much will it cost?

Why should I recycle my banner stand?

There are three main reasons why you should look at recycling your old banner stand:

  • Save Money – a large portion of the cost on any pull-up banner stand is the hardware, so by only replacing the printed part of the stand you are going to save money.
  • Reduce Landfill – in this throw-away society, it’s often too easy to “just buy a new one” but do you really need to? Make a contribution to the environment by helping reduce landfill!
  • New Message – if you’ve purchased a decent piece of banner stand hardware, the only thing that needs replacing on your banner stand is the actual banner image. You can do this time and again, with a brand new banner every time.

If you are interested in recycling your banner stand then please drop us a line at or give us call on 1300 240 250


What is the standard size of a trestle table?

Trestle tables (also sometimes known as folding tables ) are used for a multitude of purposes from events and exhibitions to everyday use in a community hall or school. Due to their fold-ability and ease of use, they are incredibly versatile and practical. One you start to spot them you’ll realise they are everywhere!

However, there does seem to be some confusion over the standard size of these trestle tables which can cause some frustration. The main reason for this confusion is because historically the trestle tables measurements were based on the imperial measurement system of feet and inches.  For example the most popular 1.8 metre table is what the Americans would call 6 feet.

Reference guide to trestle table sizes

Trestle tables come in two standard sizes

  • 1.8 metres wide
  • 2.4 metres wide

These can vary slightly between manufacturers, but very typical sizes for the tables are either around 1830mm wide x 760mm deep x 740mm high, or 2400mm wide x 760mm deep x 740mm high.  The most popular standard size is the 1.8m wide version.

Looking for a table cloth for your trestle table?

If you are looking to cover your trestle table you need to ensure you get the right sized table cover to fit the table. If you’re hiring or borrowing a table for a venue, make sure you check beforehand so there are no surprises. At Displays 2 Go we produce tablecloths in two standard sizes, making it easy to work out. We can also print table covers with your brand or key marketing message for any shows, sales or events you may have coming up. Take a look on our website for Printed Table Cover options.

Immersive experiences are the future of branded experiences and brand events

Once upon a time, brand experience meant little more than handing out some branded lollies, using models dressed up in branded tees, or talking to customers about the brand by telling a quick story.

However, with increasingly demanding consumers in an increasingly crowded marketplace, that’s simply not enough any more. Consumers are demanding more from their favourite brands – they’re happy to let brands into their lives but want to be rewarded with unique and special experiences.

With technology helping brands take their consumers on a more interactive and engaging journey, the marketing process has ramped up a notch. And, as the global augmented reality market is expected to grow to a whopping US$117.40 billion by 2022, as per estimates released by, immersive experiences are expected to become increasingly powerful.

So we have what marketers and experiential agencies are calling ‘the immersive experience’. It’s next level experiential and greys the lines between reality and fantasy. For years, marketers have been delivering compelling customer experiences, but now they add technology and the internet to deliver Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences where the brand takes over the entire customer environment. Print media, television and the internet provide a two-dimensional experience. An immersive experience gives the audience a sense of actual presence, which completely transforms the experience. Consumers become a part of the environment with the ability to react to events they encounter.

Virtual Reality Experience

Much of this new focus is fueled by Millennials, who give preference to experiences over products, according to an article in They spend money on experience-related purchases. This has driven the experience economy, and brands are increasingly focused on turning ordinary products into experiences so they remain interesting and relevant to a new set of consumers.

Being bombarded with advertisements used to be a way to cut through but people have learned the art of avoiding them. We seem to have developed a ’built-in Adblock’, says an article by ScribbleLive. Immersive storytelling offers something novel and lets one develop unique stories and environments to attract and engage prospective customers.

Let’s take a look at some recent examples to demonstrate how an immersive experience can be different. 

Mamma Mia! The Party

The world of Mamma Mia! delighted yet another set of viewers over the summer with the release of Here We Go Again. Now, that world has been recreated in none other than London’s vast O2 arena. Adapted by Sandy Toksvig, Mamma Mia! The Party invites participants to step into an island paradise, eat top-notch Mediterranean food and listen to live performances of all the best ABBA numbers. It brings the films to life and allows people to actually spend an evening within the movie itself, almost.

Source: Mamma Mia – Immersive Experience

Refinery29: 29Rooms

For about three years now, lifestyle brand Refinery29 has hosted the 29Rooms event: what it calls ‘an interactive funhouse of style, culture, & technology’. As the name suggests, it consists of 29 individually branded and curated rooms – and attendees can experience something different in each one. The rooms are designed and created with brand partners, who range from personalities like artists and musicians to consumer-facing companies like Dunkin’ Donuts, Dyson, and Cadillac.

Source: 29 Rooms – Immersive Experience

Each year, 29Rooms has a different theme, with this year’s being Turn It Into Art. Attendees, it seems, are encouraged to enter each room and use the surroundings to create something – one room, for instance, invites participants to put on punching gloves and hit punching bags that each produce a different sound when contacted to create a symphony of sorts. Take a look at the video HERE

Converse One Star Hotel

The Converse ‘One Star Hotel’, executed with high production value, saw Converse create a two day pop up in Shoreditch, London. The hotel focused on presenting an engaging line up of fashion, music, sneaker and skate experiences for Converse’s audience and influencers. The activation was an ‘Instagram playground’ and brought the Converse story alive for the highly engaged Gen Z target audience, increasing the brand’s overall reach and effectiveness through UGC (user-generated content).

Every touchpoint of the experience was highly considered and played up to their rebellious personality. But importantly, their products sat at the heart of the activation, with sneakers influencing rooms with their style, usage and colour.

Source: Pinterest – Converse One Star Hotel

If you are looking to create a consumer experience and need some help with display and event production, we would love to hear from you. Please give us a call on 1300 240 250 or contact us HERE.

How to get the best results from backlit displays.

Using backlit displays – that is, a display with lighting behind the graphics – is one of the most powerful ways to add style and attention-grabbing appeal to your displays. It’s now cheaper than ever to produce high-quality, cost-effective backlit displays with powerful graphics to go with them. These developments, coupled with the boom in demand for promotional graphics, has resulted in a sharp increase in illuminated signage demand in the market. 

A number of scientific studies have proven that backlit displays draw more attention than a standard display due to the greater intensity of colour saturation and brilliance, which immediately draws the eye.

All illuminated displays are not made equal!

The importance of choosing the right hardware as a starting point is essential. For example, is this a simple display wall or something more complex, like an exhibition stand? Do you need it to be portable or will it stay in the same location? Do you or your team need to assemble it yourselves or will you get us to do it? These type of questions will be a guide as to which display is best for you.

Any budding photographer will tell you the difference in colour between different light sources, commonly called white balance. It’s important to consider your light source, as well as the lighting within the venue where your display is being used, to ensure you deliver your branding accurately. 

Key things to consider when preparing your graphics for printing.

Backlit displays and illuminated graphics are different from other forms of printed displays. What looks right on a printed poster may not look right on a backlit display, so it’s important to understand this and prepare your graphics carefully. Often with illuminated displays, you need to take a step back and look at it from a distance, taking in the whole effect. It’s only then that you can really appreciate the effect it has.

There are a number of important points to be aware of to give yourself the best results:

1. Go bold – Illuminated displays make the graphics pop when lit from behind, so when designing a graphic get your designers to think bold, strong colours. The use of darker colours such as blues, reds, blacks, and purples all have a powerful quality when lit. Lighter colours and pastels will lack the visual punch of strong colours, so go as bold as your design will allow.

2. Use contrasting colours – The use of contrast in an image makes a major impact with backlit displays, especially if it is an opposite such as white on black. The reason this is so relevant when back lighting is because of the major variation between how much light will pass through the dark colour versus the light colour. Because there is so much more light shining through the lighter colours means you’ll get an appealing contrast that looks fabulous.

3. Be prepared to see dense colours before the light goes on – When we are preparing your artwork for printing on backlit displays we are thinking about how it will look after the lights go on, not before. In order to give eye-popping vibrancy for back-lighting we use specific print profiles that will put a lot more ink down onto the graphics so as to greatly increase the colour density. Think of a piece of coloured cellophane, and how different the colour strength will be if looking at it indoors versus holding it against the sun. This extra ink density can make your graphics appear darker in colour when not illuminated, but the effect once lit can be extraordinary.

4. Be realistic about expectations when colour matching – We all know the importance of brand identity, and for many brands getting the colour right is non-negotiable. When it comes to colour matching on an illuminated display, what are you comparing the colour to? A non-illuminated display, such as a brochure or poster? Matching colours across different substrates is possible and can be requested, but be aware of how light passing through both fabric and ink can change the colour. When working with your printer it’s important they understand the difference in materials and the effect it may have.

At Displays 2 Go, we use specific colour profiles for each of the materials we print on so you get accurate colour that looks vibrant when backlit. We’ll work with you to deliver the result that is right for YOU!

Talk to us about your next backlit display project and we’ll help you with the right combination of hardware, lighting and print to give you an eye-popping result.

What does the future hold for event spaces?

Exhibitions and trade shows continue to be a great way to showcase your brand and products, and their popularity continues to grow. Why? Because having all the right companies and services in one place is still a fantastic way to explore, network and discover. But what will our exhibition venues look like in the future and what are customers demanding? 

The one certainty is change

Even with so much uncertainty in the economy one thing is clear; the evolution of exhibition and trade show venues is changing. Especially as the quest for variety, better engagement and more unique experiences grows.

Improvements and advancements in technology and construction are creating new opportunities for both exhibitors and venues. As a result, venues are investing in expanding their capacity, broadening their offering and working towards digital integration with both exhibitors and consumers. To see these advancements, simply take a look at the ICC in Sydney.

ICC Sydney

National Exhibition Centre, England

Exhibition venues all over the world are evolving into multi-faceted destinations blending conferences, exhibitions and live events in one space. Take the NEC in England, a venue that sees over 7 million people walk through its doors each year. This year they have embarked on an $8 million investment in digital displays and signage to improve the end to end customer experience. The displays inform attendees about their visit,enabling them to keep their focus on the event and get the most out of it. It’s a crucial part of the experience and one that will only improve as technology becomes more advanced.

NEC England Display and Signage

Corporate events and boutique exhibitions are increasing in popularity.

Although purpose-built conference centres still represent the bulk of exhibition venues in Australia, there are some event organisers that are hedging their bets and turning to smaller venues such as racecourses, zoos, universities and even vineyards, in the never-ending search to be different. These venues are being used in particular for corporate events and boutique exhibitions. The ease of the mobile event infrastructure has made this a viable option and we think this is something that may well catch on in Australia.

Portability is key

No longer are exhibition stands and displays cumbersome and heavy. Most displays now are made from fabric and aluminium, making them compact, lightweight and easy to assemble. This means that attending an event doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. It can be as simple as turning up to the venue with the stand in the back of your car! That’s why we believe that, with this portability in mind, the smaller boutique venues could really make an impact on our shores.

Displays 2 Go - Mall display

We think that the future belongs to those that plan for it and, although the economy is uncertain, the future of venues and events is accelerating around the world and Australia is no exception! Be it all encompassing venues or boutique exhibitions one thing’s clear, the exhibition industry is changing faster than ever.

If you would like to talk to us about your next event or exhibition then please get in touch with our sales team here at Displays 2 Go, or come and visit our showroom to see the stands for yourself.