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COVID-19 Coronavirus Protection Products

With the current coronavirus developing momentum within Australia, the following products are designed to help you stay healthy and isolate your staff and customers from one another. We have a broad range of flexible signage options.

We can provide branded plinths for sanitation stations, as well as proximity barriers to ensure visitors maintain safe distances from each other and your staff.


Pre-screening barriers
Proximity Barriers

Sanitation Station
"No touch" Portable

Hand Sanitisation Stations

Signage and Flags




Isolation Panels


Working from Home Desks

Work-From-Home Desks

Room Dividers

Screens & Room Dividers


Need to help stop the spread of COVID-19? Let's Talk.

If you need to explore ways of stopping the spread of COVID-19, and need to find ways of maintaining safe/distances between customers and staff then call us today on 1300 240 250. We can create bespoke solutions as well as provide some off-the-shelf fast turnaround options.



Proximity Barriers


Maintain safe distances & protect your staff.


Our range of branded proximity barriers offer the most flexible and impactful way to maintain safe social distances.

 They are helpful for keeping people within safe zones whilst also potentially stopping the spread of COVID-19.


 Sanitising Stations


Sanitise and stop the spread.

The very best way of stopping the spread of COVID-19 is through maintaining effective hygiene standards. Our portable Sanitisation Stations allow you to put the sanitiser where you need it most - at entrances, elevators and reception areas etc. Big, bold signage ensures the message gets across and drives the right behaviour amongst staff and customers. Place them in your store or in your office reception area to make sure everyone is sanitising properly.



Isolation Options



Keep people isolated.

We have a range of portable non-permanent solutions that are effective in keeping people isolated from each other. Talk to us about our various products, including flexible isolation screens that can be used to divide up rooms and maintain safe zones, as well as cost-effective portable panelling that can be used to create areas and zones both inside and outside and can also be used to display important information.  And when you need to create a functional outside area, then we have branded gazebos with internal booths.




Keep communicating through all the changes.

Information is changing daily, if not hourly. Stay on top of how effectively you communicate to staff and customers with our range of flexible signs - easy-to-change-out posters and notifications. Your notices don't need to be stuck in a window!





How can we help you?

We would love to understand more about your requirements. Got an idea but don't know how to make it a reality? Let one of our experts give you a call and discuss the options available. No hard sell, just sound advice and great ideas. You can contact us by email at or by phone 1300 240 250


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