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The facts about the Superwall Display Solution


We all know that SuperWalls are an ideal backdrop stand to use at exhibitions, trade shows and other display scenarios where creating a professional display is a must. But did you know these interesting facts about Displays 2 Go’s SuperWall System?

Fact 1

68% of people that buy an exhibition stand from us, buy a SuperWall.

Fact 2

The most popular SuperWall is the straight 3 metre wall.

Fact 3

Our biggest SuperWall produced was for the Fifty Shades of Grey premiere and was 10  metres wide.

Fact 4

The average time to assemble a SuperWall single handed is 6 minutes, with no tools required.

Fact 5

The weight of a SuperWall can be as little as 7kg – that’s light enough to take on a flight as carry-on luggage!

Fact 6

The one-piece fabric graphic ensures no seamlines, and easy washing at home.  You don’t have to worry about creases as the fabric is tensioned with a zip, producing a smooth, seamless image.

Fact 7

The graphics on the SuperWall are created using dye-sublimated printing, which is not only eco-friendly but produces the brightest, most vivid colours.

Fact 8

The SuperWall has the option to have a double-sided skin – so that means you can design your stand to have two interchnageable messages.

Fact 9

Due to the customisable lightweight aluminium framing we can design your SuperWall to any shape you like.

Fact 10

There are two new stunning SuperWall designs just launched: The SuperWall Star and the SuperWall Edge.


If you would like to see one of these stands or want to know more then please give us a call on 1300 240 250 and our friendly sales team will be able to assist.