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Your Guide to more effective Product Merchandising

A wide variety of products are required to match the huge variation in merchandising environments. We offer a vast range of display solutions which include a healthy mix of items aimed at supporting your product merchandising requirements. Here’s a quick five products that can instantly help you with your in-store merchandising display needs.

Merchandising Dump Bins

We’ve been producing retail dump bins out of various materials for the last 8 years.  Our dump bins are designed to be longer-lasting, especially with the option to change out graphics quickly and easily after an initial investment in the bin itself. We have ‘off-the-shelf’ options as well as the ability to produce fully customised, bespoke dump bins, that create the impact you’re looking for.

To see some examples we have produced over the years, take a look on our gallery.

Shelving Towers

Do you need to maximise your product merchandising area? How about combining a plinth to grab attention, and then adding shelves to ratchet up the interest. Our shelving towers can be re-skinned with new graphics, so they’re perfect for promotions and long-term branding use.

Product Display Turntables

When it comes to visual merchandising, we all know that movement creates attention. These revolving turntables are the perfect way to display products that need to be seen from all angles. They can be incorporated into a larger display structure to conceal the turntable inside, or be fully branded if the turntable is on show.

Competition Entry Boxes

Displays 2 Go stock a unique range of self-contained freestanding entry boxes; whether it’s for a competition, a ballot, suggestions, or a donation, we have a great selection. Next time you’re looking for merchandising ideas to support an in-store promotion, get in touch.  We’ve got boxes in different sizes, shapes and materials, depending on your requirements and budget.




If you would like to see any of our products or want to know more, please give us a call on 1300 240 250 and our friendly sales team will be able to assist.