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Digital Flat Panels

Digital Flat Panels are a simplified version of an Interactive Flat Panel. We supply them without touchscreen functionality in order to reduce the cost.

Most common uses for Digital Flat Panels are:

- Menu boards in restaurants
- Signage boards at stadiums and event venues
- Welcome boards at hotels
- Information boards at airports, bus and train stations

The most valuable feature of these panels is their ability to be updated in real time via the content management system.

They can be programmed to update at certain times of day - for example a menu board changing for breakfast, lunch and dinner - or be updated manually as required by the user.

Digital Flat Panels are manufactured in a large range of sizes to suit different requirements. Sizing starts at 12" for up-close viewing of an information screen - in a bank or hotel room for example - through to giant screens inside stadiums and large public spaces. 

The screens can be certified for outdoor use if needed (IP65).

Because we configure these to suit your requirements, you get the features you want and not the features you don't. Examples of these features are remote wi-fi connectivity, outdoor rating, and differences in screen resolution. By only including the features you need you are generally able to save significantly on the hardware purchase. 

Through our Content Management Sysyem (CMS) we’re able to drive messaging by time of day, day of the week, location, or other specifics. For instance, how about changing your message for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

You can choose to control and run the CMS yourself - or through your agency - or our technical team can manage it for you.  The CMS runs through a secure server to give you complete remote control over your digital hardware.

We provide a full technical support service throughout Australia and we’ll deliver and set it up the units anywhere in the country. If you need help with content creation, we have experts that can design bespoke websites or apps that works through the kiosk.

This product is built to your specification. Once specification is agreed the typical lead time is around 7 weeks.

This product is custom built to your requirements so is not for online purchase.

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