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On Screen Digital Signage for In-Store Promotions

We develop Digital on-screen solutions that are perfect for promoting products in a retail environment. Interactive screens enable shoppers to make on-screen enquiries as well as handle payments if required and seek out product information. Our team can easily integrate our screens with photo applications and hardware to deliver better visitor identification, as well as a number of other more complex apps, depending on client requirements.

Large digital screens provide impactful advertising space, that can be sold or used by the retailer. Highlight products on promotion with moving graphics that grab attention. 

Talk to us about hardware options that include lease and purchase options. Our team will work with you to install all the screens and develop the software that enables you to maintain and edit your content remotely, across many floors and sites.


Digital floor standing Interactive Screens developed for Fonterra

time to make a big impact?

Touchscreen Interactive Digital Kiosks

Our floor-standing touchscreen Interactive Digital kiosks stand out from the crowd, not only in size but also in screen brightness. We'll work with your existing content to design a navigation solution that ensures you get results. We then load your content to our central CMS so everything is in one place. We can access each and every Interactive Digital Kiosk remotely, so we have you covered should things go a little pear-shaped!

The touchscreen interface enables users to quickly navigate to the information they want, but each kiosk also delivers an effective brand message when not being actively used - so it's an information hub and a brand advertisement. 

Need Help with In Store Promotions?

Our digital screen technology and software enables you to more easily communicate with staff and visitors to your store. Drive more sales with in-store eye-catching promotions. Talk to one of our Digital Screen Specialists today about improving the experience your customers have the moment they walk through the doors.

LED Screens add additional engagement opportunities for customers
multimedia displays and games at exhibitions
Enhancing on-stand engagement with multimedia displays

Multimedia Screens

There are few exhibition stands these days that don't feature a screen display of some kind. Our wide selection of screens including LED screens, iPads and Tablet solutions ensures your message is displayed effectively, wherever the location. 


Screen displays deliver more impact, often causing people to stop and watch - enough time to then have staff engage in conversation or enough time to delay a visitor to a busy exhibition stand. Certainly, we know that digital displays are an effective way to communicate a lot of information in a short space of time, in a memorable way.


Multimedia displays have become ubiquitous for most exhibition stands and events. Our wide selection of multimedia screens includes LED TVs as well as smaller iPad and tablet solutions. Using multimedia functionality enables users to self navigate to answer their own questions and are fantastic for keeping people engaged whilst your staff are busy talking to customers.


We're here to help.

We would love to understand more about your requirements. Let one of our experts give you a call and discuss the options available. Don't worry - no hard sell, just sound advice and great ideas.