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display turntable 600mm
Heavy duty 600mm (60cm) diameter. Full specifications below.
display turntable 400mm
Heavy duty 400mm (40cm) diameter. Full specifications below.
display turntable 400mm
Standard grade 400mm (40cm) diameter. Full specifications below.
display turntable 150mm
Standard grade 150mm (15cm) diameter. Full specifications below.
display turntable 200mm
Lightweight 200mm (20cm) diameter. Full specifications below.

Display Turntables and Rotating Bases

Rotating Display Stands

Displays 2 Go's rotating display turntables and rotating bases provide an effective and stylish addition to your display by giving 360 degree accessibility to your display items.

When it comes to visual merchandising, movement creates attention!

Choose a size and weight capacity that suits you. On some models you can even run a powered item on top of the turntable.

See specifications below for full information on each rotating display stand style.

(Includes: Australian-certified power adaptors and cables, 12 month warranty)

These turntables are designed for indoor use, away from water. See full listing of specifications to decide which type is right for you.

This product carries a 1 yr hardware warranty! Other products carry a 5 yr warranty and may be more suitable for multiple use over a longer period of time.

(The warranty applies to non-graphic components and is available to the original owner of the unit. The warrantee does not cover damage caused by mistreatment by the user or by normal wear and tear).

What does "weight capacity" mean?

This refer to the amount of weight that can be put onto the turntable whilst expecting it to behave normally. It is important the turntable is not loaded with weight beyond its stated capacity.

What does "rotation speed" refer to?

The rotation speed number is stated in revolutions per minute (RPM). This is the number of times the turntable will do a complete revolution in one minute. For a simple comparison, the second hand on a clock has an RPM of 1 because it does a full revolution once per minute.

For most display equipment an appropriate RPM is between 1 and 4 RPM. Generally speaking it is better to have smaller turntables rotating a little faster than larger turntables.

Can I have power connected to the top of the turntable?

Power is required to the top of the turntable if the item you are placing on the turntable needs its own power. Examples would be Christmas trees with lights, or an electronic device.

Standard designs which include power to the top are the Heavy Duty 400 and the Heavy Duty 600 turntables.

We take pride in having one of the quickest turn arounds in the display and exhibition industry. Miracles are our specialty, so if you need something sooner than the timeframes below just ask!

These are our standard lead times (not rush lead times) for manufacturing:

  • Literature and poster displays, stocked acrylic plinths, turntables, stocked entry boxes, raffle barrels: 1 – 2 working days
  • Banner stands, display panels, room dividers: one week
  • Tables, portable plinths, dump bins: one week
  • Custom-built acrylic plinths: two weeks
  • Timber plinths, event flooring, vendor bikes: 2.5 weeks
  • Flags, gazebos, display walls, carts & trolleys, inflatable products: Two weeks
  • Display walls, Brandframe, SuperWalls: 1.5 weeks

(The above times are calculated from the timing of your order confirmation, and in some cases the supply of your print-ready artwork if that is required to commence your job)

Allow extra time for delivery if delivery is required. We can advise you on freight timings, which will vary according to the delivery post code.

Freight pricing will be automatically calculated once all items are in your cart. Freight is calculated based on the size and weight of your combined order, as well as delivery address.

From $92.50 ex-GST
Prices do not include GST and freight

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Turntable Options & Specifications

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