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What are the latest trends in booth design and exhibition displays?

In the constantly changing field of booth design, and exhibition displays, staying abreast of the latest trends is essential. Trends can shift rapidly, so it's wise to keep up with the latest updates in the exhibition industry. Here are some frequently asked questions related to current trends in booth design and exhibition displays:

What are the current design trends in booth design?

FAQs might inquire about popular colour schemes, layout styles, and overall aesthetics that are currently in vogue.

How can I incorporate sustainability into my booth design?

  • Questions may focus on eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and other sustainable practices that align with current trends.
  • Are there any emerging technologies that can enhance exhibition displays?

  • Attendees might be interested in knowing about the integration of technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or interactive displays.
  • What role does experiential marketing play in booth design trends?

  • FAQs may revolve around creating memorable and interactive experiences for visitors, including hands-on activities and immersive elements. Check out some examples of our experiential production work and the results we achieve!
  • >How can I design a booth that is Instagrammable and shareable on social media?


  • Questions might focus on incorporating visually appealing and share-worthy elements that can amplify the booth's presence on social platforms.
  • What materials are currently popular in booth construction and design?<


  • Inquiries might relate to the use of modern and innovative materials that not only look appealing but also contribute to a sustainable and durable design.
  • Are there specific lighting trends for booth design?

  • Attendees may be curious about the latest in lighting techniques, including LED innovations, creative lighting effects, and the use of dynamic lighting.
  • How can I design a versatile booth that suits both physical and virtual events?

  • >FAQs may address the adaptability of booth designs to cater to both in-person exhibitions and virtual or hybrid events.
  • What role does personalisation play in current booth design trends?

  • Attendees might want to know about customisation options, such as personalised experiences, interactive elements, and tailored branding.
  • How can I incorporate interactive elements into my booth design?

  • Questions may explore the integration of touchscreens, interactive kiosks, gamification, or other engagement strategies.
  • What are the trends in booth layouts for maximising engagement?

  • FAQs may revolve around the best practices for designing open and inviting layouts that encourage interaction and exploration.
  • How can I future-proof my booth design?

  • Attendees might be interested in understanding how to create designs that remain relevant and adaptable to changing trends over time.
1. Hybrid Experiences
    • The integration of physical and virtual elements became more prevalent, allowing for both in-person and online engagement. Hybrid experiences cater to a broader audience and provide flexibility.
2. Sustainability & Eco-Friendly Designs
    • Exhibitors increasingly focus on sustainable materials and practices to align with environmental concerns. Green displays, reusable structures, and eco-friendly graphics were on the rise.
3. Immersive Technology
4. Modular & Flexible Designs
    • Modular displays offered versatility, allowing exhibitors to adapt their booth layouts for different events. Flexible designs facilitate easy reconfiguration and customisation.
5. Bold Graphics & Branding
    • Eye-catching graphics with bold colours, large visuals, and unique branding elements were trending. Exhibitors sought to make a strong visual impact to attract attendees. for more information on our Printing & Production expertise, click here!
6. Experiential Booths
    • Booths were designed as interactive and experiential spaces rather than static displays. Engaging activities, product demonstrations, and multisensory experiences were key elements. Click here to see more information on Displays 2 Go Experiential & Event Production or want to read about how Displays 2 Go can bring Gameplay to life, click here!
7. Smart Booths with Technology Integration
    • Booths incorporated smart technology, such as touchscreens, interactive kiosks, and IoT devices, to enhance attendee engagement and collect valuable data. Check out our onscreen data capture solutions here
8. Open & Airy Layouts
    • Booths with open layouts and unobstructed sightlines were favoured. This design trend aimed to create inviting spaces that encourage flow and interaction.
9. Personalisation
    • Exhibitors explored ways to personalise the attendee experience. Customised content, targeted messaging, and tailored interactions contributed to a more individualised engagement.
10. Minimalist Designs
    • Some booths adopted minimalist aesthetics, focusing on simplicity and clean lines. This approach aimed to create a modern and sophisticated look while emphasizing essential brand elements.
11. Dynamic Lighting
    • Lighting played a crucial role in booth design, with dynamic and customisable lighting setups used to enhance the visual appeal and create different atmospheres within the booth.
12. Brand Storytelling
    • Booths were designed to tell a cohesive and compelling brand story. Storytelling elements, combined with visuals and multimedia, helped create memorable narratives.
13. Human-Centric Design
    • Designs that prioritised the comfort and well-being of attendees were gaining popularity. Comfortable seating, relaxation zones, and wellness-focused elements were integrated into booth layouts.
14. Inclusive Designs
    • Booths aimed to be inclusive and accessible to a diverse audience. Consideration for different abilities and inclusive features, such as accessible pathways, was becoming more common. Take a look at our success with Brand Experiences at previous events
15. Remote Engagement Solutions
    • With the rise of virtual events, booths incorporated features for remote engagement, such as live streaming, virtual tours, and online interactions.