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Augmented Reality

A well designed augmented reality experience can be one of the most effective ways to draw people to your area and communicate a message that is consistent with your brand.

What is augmented reality? In simple terms, it involves taking a "real" image such as you looking at yourself in front of a screen, and combines that with an augmented image such as a beach background. In this case what you see is a live image of yourself on the screen, but it is as if you are standing on a beach.

How can you use augmented reality to good effect?

Here's a simple example: we recently put some digital kiosks into a pet exhibition for our client - a well known pet care brand. When a visitor walked past the stand they saw themselves on a digital screen with fleas jumping on an around them - a very effective way of making someone stop!

We designed a program that allowed the user to brush the fleas off and push them away, and while they were having fun in front of the screen it was the ideal time for a representative from the pet care company to begin a conversation with the person.

This resulted in a huge lift in user engagement with the pet care company's target audience and delivered them some fabulous results from the show.

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