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Display Turntables and Rotating Bases

Displays 2 Go's rotating display turntables and rotating bases provide an effective and stylish addition to your display by giving 360 degree accessibility to your display items. When it comes to visual merchandising, movement creates attention!

Different rotating bases for different uses

Choose between the lightweight style of turntable for small and/or lightweight display items, and heavy duty style for larger and/or heavier items.

Adjustable rotation speeds

The Lightweight 200 turntable has an in-built speed adjustment mechanism, allowing you to run the unit at either 3.5 or 7 RPM (revolutions per minute). The Heavy Duty models have a fixed rotation speed of 2 RPM.

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Battery or mains powered turntables

The Lightweight 200 revolving stand is both battery powered and mains powered.  The turntable is supplied with an Australian certified power adapter and a single D-size battery. The Heavy Duty models are mains powered.


Lightweight 200 turntable

Optional power to revolving stand tops

The Heavy Duty Turntables have the added option of a power point on the top of the turntable, allowing you to sit a powered item on top of the turntable. The power point can be added to the top or sides of the display turntable - just let us know what you need. 
A slip ring is added to the internal mechanism of display turntable, allowing the turntable to spin without any loss of power to the top.


Heavy Duty 290 turntable

Optional graphics on your rotating base

Add graphics and/or logos to the top and sides of your plinths in any colour.

Add other components

Add other display elements to achieve the presentation style you're looking for. Rotating bases can be built inside display stands or combined with other display elements to create your own customised solution. Talk to us about your requirements!


Available in three sizes:

ModelLightweight 200Heavy Duty 290Heavy Duty 500
Size 200mm diameter, 55mm high 290mm diameter, 145mm high 500mm diameter, 145mm high
Weight capacity 2kg 20kg 100kg
Construction material ABS Plastic Steel Steel
Power source

Mains powered and battery powered

(1 x D battery)

Mains powered Mains powered
Rotation speed 3.5 or 7 RPM (adjustable) 2 RPM 2 RPM
Price (ex-GST) $92.50 $615.00 $712.00
Full branding (optional) Add $44.00 Add $62.50 Add $86.00
Add power to top of turntable(optional) N/A Add $355.00 Add $355.00

Code: display-turntables

Which model turntable do you need?:

Do you need a customised solution?:

Do you require graphics on your turntable?:

Do you require a matching display plinth?:

Special requirements:


Great service, again

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the fabulous job you made of the Promotional Banners. I'm really happy with them and I know they will make a real difference to our marketing activities! Thank you for providing such a great service. Kind regards

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