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Can be made in kids' sizes!

Premiere Hands-Free Sanitiser Station

Designed to be a stylish and functional front-of-house unit, this hands-free sanitiser station has a robust construction with a corporate and professional feel. 

This design is suitable for high traffic locations such as airports, offices, building lobbies, shopping malls and hotels as it can be placed high-traffic locations that allow for fast and easy access to hand sanitiser within.  Being double-sided means it can be accessed by passing foot traffic from multiple directions.

Combine the functionality of the unit with a brand message or logo to get the benefits of effective health messaging, while providing a valuable resource to passers-by.

(Price includes: sanitiser station with single-sided graphics and battery-powered touch-free internal dispenser)

$590.00 ex-GST
Prices do not include GST and freight
Premiere Sanitiser Station
Most popular options:
Extra print for reverse side

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