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Acrylic Plinths

Acrylic plinths give your display a modern and stylish appeal, so is the go-to solution for high-end retailers, showrooms, and the showcasing of premium brands.

Acrylic is available in a wide variety of finishes, including frosted, gloss black, silver & gold mirror, and coloured tints.

Some acrylics are translucent, meaning light can pass through them, and others allow no light through at all.

Most popular colours are white, black and clear.

Acrylic - also known as Perspex - is popular for its premium finish and wide range of colour options. Although the acrylic plinths are not particularly heavy they are best suited to environments where constant movement is not required.

(Price includes: plinth/pedestal made from 6mm thick acrylic in white, black or clear)

Our acrylic is laser cut to ensure accurate sizing and premium finishes to the edges.  We use 6mm thick acrylic as standard for floor-standing plinths, as thinner acrylics are simply not strong enough for these requirements.  If your plinth needs to support a lot of weight we will build from even thicker acrylic to suit your requirements.

Standard plinth size is 400mm square and 900mm high, but we can produce them in any size to suit your requirements.

Note we do not use butt joins when building the plinths as this cheapens their appearance so is not consistent with the premium requirements of acrylic use. Although this production method is cheaper we do not recommend it. This is particularly true of clear acrylic, where the use of butt joins is far more obvious.

The acrylic is pre-cut with an angled edge to create a clean "mitred" corner edge to the plinths. This provides a clean finish expected by our premium clients, and also makes the join 40% stronger versus a butt join. 

If you are looking for other options, check our full range of display plinths.


A huge range of added features is available for your plinths.  These include graphic prints, metallic foil lettering, laser-cut 3D profile stand-offs, clear showcases, and lighting.

In 6mm thick acrylic in size of 400mm x 400m (and heights up to 1000mm) a rough guide as to weight capacity is 20kg. This will vary according to the size of the item being placed on the plinth.  If you need to support more weight than this just ask and we can configure plinths to suit your requirements.

A rough guide as to weight of the 6mm plinths is:

400 x 400 x 400mm = 6kg

400 x 400 x 900mm = 11.5kg

500 x 500 x 1000mm = 16kg

Here's a price guide for our most popular plinth styles.

Acrylic plinths are supplied with a microfibre cleaning cloth, which is an ideal way to keep your plinth looking its best.

Acrylic can be cleaned with water and detergent or a mild household cleaning product. Care should be taken when handling acrylic as it can scratch if items are dragged across its surface.

Standard production lead time for Acrylic Plinths is 1.5 weeks. This time is calculated from when you place your order and print-ready artwork has been prepared. We take pride in having one of the quickest turn arounds in the display and exhibition industry. Miracles are our specialty, so if you need something sooner than the timeframes below just ask!

We generally stock some acrylic plinths in the most popular sizes and colours in our warehouse. If we are custom-building plinths for you the lead time is typically around two weeks.

Allow extra time for delivery if delivery is required. We can advise you on freight timings, which will vary according to the delivery post code.

Freight pricing will be automatically calculated once all items are in your cart. Freight is calculated based on the size and weight of your combined order, as well as delivery address.

This product is custom built to your requirements so is not for online purchase.

To add custom features or for help with your requirements, click the 'Enquire Now' button or call 1300 240 250.

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