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Don't be confused about Poster Sizes with our handy guide

Unless you are in the print industry or a graphic designer, the sizes of posters can be a bit of a minefield. And let’s be honest; you do not want to be the one that has to go to the boss once the poster is printed and tell them it’s the wrong size! Being in the display industry, we often hear our customers asking ” is A3 bigger than A2, or is it the other way around?”, so we have put together a quick, definitive guide to poster sizes.

The ‘A series’ paper sizes are now in common use throughout most of the world. The majority of people can picture what size A4 is, but they don’t necessarily know the actual dimensions.  As the sizes go up, it gets harder to picture them and more complicated to figure out the dimensions. Fortunately they simply increase in multiples from A8 upwards.  So, let’s start small and work our way up the scale…

The smallest A series paper size – A8 – measures a tiny 52mm x 74mm and works it way up to A0, which has an area of 1 metre squared. From there we supersize it with large poster sizes which go up in size from 2A0 to 4A0.


One of the easiest ways to remember the sizes is to think that each size increment is double the previous size. For example 2 sheets of A4 side-by-side is the same size as an A3 sheet. Likewise 2 sheets of A3 is the same size as an A2 sheet and so on.

At Displays 2 Go our in-house, high volume digital print activity means we’re able to offer our customers cost effective, quality assured pricing across a wide spectrum of quantities, sizes and finishes. We  employ the latest technology to output high quality true-colour large format digital prints, often way beyond the standard A series sizes.

Although the majority of our output is in standard exhibition and banner sizes, we can print your custom sizes up to 2.5m wide x 30 metres long in one piece – that’s a whole lot of A0s side-by-side!

Our large format digital printing capability offers an affordable alternative to offset printing, thus either reducing your annual cost for high quality colour printing or allowing you to get more for your budget. Choosing Displays 2 Go means you can order exactly what you need and get it when you want it. Our machinery is robust enough to print on many surfaces, including paper, card and fabric.

So, what are you waiting for, get your A into G and let’s talk about your next display project!