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Delivering Better Brand Relationships and Experiential Marketing

More and more companies these days are adopting experiential marketing as a backbone to their overall branding plans. Tactile engagements where people can feel, touch and taste the product is much more effective than simply reading about it or watching it.  It’s about deepening and enhancing relationships.

Experiential marketing is about connecting consumers with brands through live face-to-face experiences, allowing companies to truly design their user experience leaving the consumer with relevant and personal memories. When Cadbury launched the new chocolate bar brand called Marvellous Creations they had a TV campaign that showed a magical secret place underground called Joyville, where everyone is smiling and magical things happened. This launch was accompanied by an in-store sampling experiential campaign that delivered an amazing experience for kids and adults. The sampling machine dispensed squares of chocolate into a cone which doubled up as a coupon – magical!

The overwhelming array of media makes it harder for brands to be seen and heard. Companies are realising that brand awareness is no longer enough – it’s about brand experiences and connecting with people. One of the objective’s with experiential is to create an experience that is so engaging and relevant that people not only buy the product but post photos and talk about it on social media creating a consistent brand presence.

The digital culture has changed expectations in consumers. No longer are they interested in being spoken to as a demographic; they want to be spoken to as an individual. Face to face engagement allows the brand ambassadors to easily gather information in the midst of engagement. Its live, its quick and it’s a great way to collect some key market research on consumer behaviour.

So what are the main things to keep in mind with experiential marketing?

1. Creativity is King – be different and make some noise

2. Have a product tie-in – make sure your brand is woven into every concept of the campaign

3. Build a crowd – large groups of people get people interested and that’s when the magic happens

4. Listen to your customers – social chatter is a good indicator of what your audience thought so don’t dismiss it.

At Displays 2 Go we work with many companies producing the hardware for campaigns whether its a demonstration table, iPad stand, SuperWall or custom made sampling trays. We understand that the display has to be eye-catching and visual, after all 40% of people respond better to visual information that text. It’s not just about handing out free samples; you need to forge a bond with your customer by linking the whole brand experience to their everyday life, and creating positive associations. Creativity is key and we love to be part of making a campaign happen.

If you would like to talk to us about making your next experiential campaign happen then please call us on 1300 240 250