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Modular Exhibition Display Solution

Brandframe Exhibition & Display Products

Brandframe is a comprehensive range of stylish exhibition & display products that change the rules about how you present printed graphics

This flexible, modular system uses premium fabrics to create high impact graphics. Light the graphics from the inside or create your own programmed light animation for even more visual punch. Choose a style that suits you - whether a portable display wall in a wheeled case or larger walls for exhibitions, offices and retail.

Take a look and discover just how effective this system can be for you.

We offer a broad range of services

As well as a warehouse full of products we have specialists that can help with all aspects of your exhibition, conference, event, experiential or sampling campaign.


Need a little more help?

We understand that sometimes all these choices simply create more questions than answers. Don't be afraid to reach out to us, so one of our Specialists can talk you through your options and we can help you make the right decisions based on your budget and requirements.

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