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Portable lightbox and case
Lightbox Brandframe can fit into a single wheeled case
Portable lightbox
Portable Brandframe with lighting
SEG graphics and frame
Simple framing system allows for speedy changing of graphics
Portable 2 metre lightbox
Lightbox portable Brandframe
portable lightbox
Custom sizing also available
Large lightbox
Standard size lightbox Brandframe
Double sided lightbox
Lightbox Brandframe

Display-in-a-Bag Brandframe

This Brandframe is a display wall with a difference.

This stylish, portable version allows you to keep all the features that make the Brandframe so popular, but with a wheeled carry case for portability and ease-of-use.

Perfect for mobile sales reps, showrooms, product sampling, airports and exhibitions where a premium finish is required.

Available with or without lighting, single or double-sided.  

Swapping graphics takes just seconds. You can even use them in different configurations to suit your changing requirements from venue to venue.

Manufactured in a range of standard sizes, or we can build a size to suit your requirements.

(Price includes: full colour printed lightbox graphic skin(s), fitted to stand hardware and supplied in a wheeled carry case)

Includes a wheeled carry case to allow for easy transportation.

Swapping over graphics is fast and simple. You can even take multiple graphics with you and simply apply the graphic you need for each venue.

Our standard Brandframe is simple and stylish, without lighting.

The Brandframe Glow is an illuminated style that uses LED lighting inside the frame to shine out through your graphics to create a giant "lightbox" effect.

Or, combine multiple Brandframes with 'edgeless' graphics with our Infinity Brandframe

If you need to create larger walls on certain occasions but would like to keep the individual components small and portable, take a look at the Infinity Brandframe.

Use individual modules and put them side-by-side to create larger walls with our 'edgeless' graphic prints, or use them separately as stand-alone displays. The choice is all yours!

You can position as many of these together as you wish, to create a wall of any width.

Artwork can be supplied directly by you or your graphic designer, or if you prefer we have an in-house graphic design department to prepare your print-ready artwork.

If you'd like pricing for graphic design simply send us a brief of requirements and we'll be happy to estimate for you. When you're at the checkout page simply advise us which option you prefer.  

For general instructions regarding file formats, artwork set-up, bleeds, and options for sending us artwork please be sure to review our artwork file specifications before preparing your print files. 

A range of artwork templates is listed below for your convenience, or contact us for the template to suit your chosen product(s).

Display-in-a-bag Brandframe 950mm wide x 1.4m high

Display-in-a-bag Brandframe 950mm wide x 2m high

Display-in-a-bag Brandframe 950mm wide x 2.4m high

We take pride in having one of the quickest turn arounds in the display and exhibition industry. Miracles are our specialty, so if you need something sooner than the timeframes below just ask!

These are our standard lead times (not rush lead times) for manufacturing:

  • Literature and poster displays, stocked acrylic plinths, turntables, stocked entry boxes, raffle barrels: 1 – 2 working days
  • Banner stands, display panels, room dividers: one week
  • Tables, portable plinths, dump bins: one week
  • Custom-built acrylic plinths: two weeks
  • Timber plinths, event flooring, vendor bikes: 2.5 weeks
  • Flags, gazebos, display walls, carts & trolleys, inflatable products: Two weeks
  • Display walls, Brandframe, SuperWalls: 1.5 weeks

(The above times are calculated from the timing of your order confirmation, and in some cases the supply of your print-ready artwork if that is required to commence your job)

Allow extra time for delivery if delivery is required. We can advise you on freight timings, which will vary according to the delivery post code.

Freight pricing will be automatically calculated once all items are in your cart. Freight is calculated based on the size and weight of your combined order, as well as delivery address.

From $829.40 ex-GST
Prices do not include GST and freight

To add custom features or for help with your requirements, click the 'Enquire Now' button or call 1300 240 250.

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