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Portable Vaccination Booths

These portable booths have been specifically designed for use in Australian pharmacies and other health care locations to give a quickly assembled, cost-effective solution for the administering of vaccines in a private room.  

Choose from two styles

Choose either a lightweight panelling system or a more robust fully-framed style.  For the fully framed style you can choose either a privacy curtain or a hinged, lockable door: 


Portable Vaccination Booth - Lightweight Panelling with Privacy Curtain Portable Vaccination Booth with Locking Door

Portable Vaccination Booth - Twin Room

Options to suit your location

  • Choose a 4-sided booth if it is to be completely free-standing
  • Choose a 3-sided booth if you have an existing wall the booth will sit against
  • Choose a 2-sided booth if it is to be in a corner with two existing walls
  • Choose a configuration with two booths if you anticipate being extra busy with vaccinations!


Choice of a door or privacy curtain

Choose from either a simple curtain-style door to save on cost, or go with a white hinged door for maximum privacy. 



Booth size

Lightweight panelling system

with curtain

Fully-framed system

with curtain

Fully-framed system

with door 

 2 x 2.5m (3-sided) $2,039.00 $4,750.80    $5,832.00
2 x 2.5m (4-sided)  $2,995.00 $6,953.60   $8,017.10
2.5 x 2.5m (3-sided)   $2,583.00 $6,072.40 $7,153.90
2.5 x 2.5m (4-sided) $3,539.00 $8,257.20  $9,338.70
3 x 2.5m (3-sided) $2,653.00  $6,173.60  $7,255.10

5 x 2.5m (4-sided)

'Twin Room'

$6,849.00 $15,611.20 $17,774.20

* Note pricing excludes delivery, GST, and installation (if required). Contact us with your requirements for an exact quote.

 Looking for a particular size or configuration?  Just ask!


See "more information" tab below for details on materials, item specifications, lead times, and more.

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Materials and specifications

The lightweight vaccination booths are made from a black anodized external aluminium frame with a polypropylene core.  Both sides of the panels are coated in a hard wearing, stylish black polyester fabric. Signage, posters and other material can be attached to either side with VELCRO® or pins.  To keep the booth stable the panels use low-profile steel base plates on the floor. Each panel joins to the next panel using clips which attach to a 25mm black anodized aluminium pole, and the next panel is clipped to the same pole to join them together.

The heavy duty vaccination booths use a silver aluminium frame profile with a 9mm white melamine laminated timber board on both sides.  This provides a hard wearing, washable surface.


Each panel is built at a standard height of 2.1 metres.  The width of individual panels varies between 500mm and 1000mm, depending on your chosen specification.


What size is each panel section?

Each panel is built at a standard height of 2.1 metres.  The width of individual panels varies between 500mm and 1000mm, depending on your chosen specification.

If you need a customised size we can build this for you as the panels are made by us right here in Australia.

What materials are they made from?

Check the 'more details and specs' tab on this page for more information regarding materials and specifications.

I need a specific solution that is not listed on your website - can you help?

Of course! Just let us know some details about your specific requirements and we'll come up with a solution to suit.  This may be to do with the size of available space, or the layout of your location, colours and finishes, or something else.

Can you add custom signage or my logo?

Yes! Just let us know what you're after.

Can I install the booths myself?

Installation of the booths does require some handy-person skills, so if you have someone available it can be done. Note this is definitely a two-person job as panels need to be held in place by one person while they are attached to the next panel by a second person.

Do you supply the furniture inside the booths?

No. Because we are not furniture manufacturers it makes sense for you to source that from a local supplier if required.

How many sides do I need in my booth?

This is related to where it is going. If it is not sitting against any existing walls in the booth location it means you'll need a 4-sided booth.  If you have a single wall you'll need a 3-sided booth, and if a corner location with two walls you'll need a 2-sided booth.

Are the booths stable?

The booths are not intended as a substitute for brick or plasterboard walls - they are designed as a lightweight and quickly assembled solution to create privacy booths. Both styles of booth can move if firmly pushed as they are not secured to any other structure.  In the case of the lightweight panels they will move more easily as a result of being lighter.   

How long will it take to receive my order?

We are currently producing these booths in significant quantities so production times are fast. We're also endeavouring to keep stock of pre-build components so we can fulfill orders quickly.  In most cases you can expect delivery within 7 working days, but this will vary so contact us for specific details. If you are on a deadline just let us know and we'll do what we can to help.   



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