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Interactive Flat Panel

Interactive Flat Screen Panels are perfect for gaining more impact, but with added touchscreen capability users can discover and search at their own pace.  We call it Self Directed Engagement, and we’re excited to bring it to you.

Perhaps you want to demonstrate your website, and have visitors use it on your stand? With our Interactive Flat Panel displays they can scroll, click and type quickly and easily.  What about an interactive whiteboard, or video conferencing kit?

Perhaps you have bespoke content that you wish to demonstrate, such as an app in a live environment?  It’s no problem for our Interactive Flat Panels, running on Windows OS or Android.

We offer...

Content Development Programming Logistics and Storage


Plug & Play

The computer and screen are combined in one unit, so there’s less wires and no need for an additional laptop. 

Flexible Mounting Options

The screens can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on your requirements, the nature of your content and the space you have. They can even be mounted on a table top!

Outdoor Capable

The screens are certified for outdoor use if needed (IP65)

Touchscreen Simplicity

Users simply navigate by touching the screen. Just like tablets, our screens offer touch, drag,drop and pinch functions. They can discover your product at their own pace, in a way they find intuitive, stopping to read the information that is of interest to them.

Data Capture

Invite users to leave their details on screen, so you can communicate with them later.

Tech Additions

Our screens can be linked to Bluetooth beacons, Tap N Go Near Field Communication solutions as well as QR code readers and camera accessories.

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Please note this product is available to hire by the day. If you would like to hire a panel from us, please contact us and advise the following:

  • Number of hire days
  • Size of Panel
  • Delivery location


Interactive Flat Panel - Specifications

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Code: interactive-flat-panel

Special requirements:


Saving our clients again

Hi Simon,


Thanks for getting this done this afternoon, you and your team are absolute saviours. I really appreciate you guys getting this together.

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