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The new Brandframe wall display is ideal for use in retail and commercial environments such as fashion stores, car showrooms, corporate meeting rooms and office receptions. 

Not only is it impactful but it can be built to any size you like. The frame is constructed in high quality, lightweight aluminimum. It is easily assembled and has the added flexibility that it can be attached to almost any surface. Whether it is a free standing unit, wall mounted or suspended from a retail window or ceiling this product is as adabtable as you want it to be.

Some real benefits of the system :

  • Interchangeable eco-friendly graphics
  • Graphics easy to change out for staff
  • Custom size
  • Fabric graphics create a softer more diffused light, ideal for retail and commercial environments
  • Minimal framing visible allowing your graphic to speak for itself
  • Fabric graphic is more cost effective and ensures zero creases or curls
  • Portable display means it's easier to freight and fewer chances of damage in transit


How it works

The graphics are printed on a semi-stretch, non crease polyester fabric using dye sublimation. Using this method the colours are heat infused into the fabric, resulting in the ultimate true reproduction of your imagery. The fabric has a silicon welt stitched to the perimeter of it. This welt slides easily into the groove of the aluminium framing.

More impact

If you need more impact then you should consider the Lightbox illuminated display. Based on the same design as the Brandframe this product lights up the fabric graphic from behind. The LED lights have been designed to be low voltage and low heat giving this product a small carbon footprint which is ideal for any commercial space.

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The illuminated fabric light boxes are incredibly well designed, making it easy to change out the graphics when you want to. There is no need to call in extra help - you or your staff can change out the graphics in three simple steps.

 Step 1Installation Step 1

Insert two opposing corners first

(e.g. top left and bottom right)




Step 2

Insert the two remaining corners

(i.e. top right, bottom left)



Step 3

Insert each edge in the CENTRE first and then work your way out to the corners.

Best to start with the sides to make sure any horizontal lines end up sitting straight.



Code: Brandframe

Special requirements:


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